Homegrown Lacrosse Introduces 1,000 Students in Duluth Minnesota to the Sport of Lacrosse

St. Paul, MN, March 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Partnership with MBSLA and MLA supports the grassroots growth of lacrosse in the state.

Over the course of five days in mid-March, Homegrown Lacrosse, a Twin Cities-based nonprofit organization, introduced nearly 1,000 K-12 students in Duluth, Minn. to the sport of lacrosse with its In-School P.E. Program. The innovative program familiarizes students with the sport and its history as well as cultivating the basic skill sets necessary to play the game.

Sponsored by the Minnesota Boys Scholastic Lacrosse Association (MBSLA), and the Minnesota Lacrosse Association (MLA) the week-long program was taught in six Duluth schools — Congdon Park, Grant Nettleton, Homecroft, Lincoln Piedmont, Lowell and Raleigh.

In 2009, the MBSLA provided funding for Homegrown Lacrosse to present the program to students in Grand Rapids, Minn., a community 70 miles west of Duluth. In addition to the In-School Program, Homegrown Lacrosse hosted two evening clinics in conjunction with the Duluth Area Family YMCA.

“Bringing the sport to more youth outside of the Twin Cities has been a goal we continue to work towards each year,” said Jesse Brown, operations director, Homegrown Lacrosse. “I was fortunate enough to participate in both the Grand Rapids program last year and this year’s Duluth program and can tell you first hand that the interest and energy we have been greeted with at each school is amazing. Without a doubt, the future of lacrosse in Minnesota rests in the spirit of the young kids we meet in Northern Minnesota.”

Homegrown Lacrosse’s efforts were supported by a number of players from the University of Minnesota - Duluth Club Lacrosse team as well as the Duluth-Superior boys high school team, who assisted with the drills and provided one-on-one support for the students as they learned fundamentals of the sport.

“Having players from both the college and high school club teams there to support our efforts was tremendous,” said Brown. “Being able to connect older players with the kids at the local level will have profound impact on the development of a sustainable lacrosse community in Duluth.”

For more information on Homegrown Lacrosse and the In-School P.E. Program visit www.homegrownlacrosse.org.

About Homegrown Lacrosse
Founded in 2003, Homegrown Lacrosse is dedicated to encouraging positive change in the lives of youth lacrosse players and supporting the growth of the sport in Minnesota. Through community-based programming, Homegrown Lacrosse uses lacrosse to provide opportunities for individuals to get involved and cultivate the skills and relationships necessary to succeed on and off the field. Led and staffed by experienced collegiate lacrosse players, Homegrown Lacrosse holds clinics, leagues and K-12 educational programming throughout the year.

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