Soldier Goes from Saving Lives to Changing Lives

Operation Iraqi Freedom soldier starts coaching and mentorship business designed to help people recognize and unlock their potential.

Shamokin Dam, PA, March 26, 2011 --( Ex soldier starts life coaching and motivational speaking business.

Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran launches life coaching, motivational speaking, and personal development business. The focus is to create material that allows people to recognize their own potential and begin to use that potential to create a deeper sense of happiness and success in their life.

"During my tour in the Middle East I discovered that my true passion and purpose in life is to provide tools and guidance for others to recognize their own natural gifts and to bring those gifts to the world," states Dwayne Gilbert, Wealthy Life Secrets President and CEO. "True success is in having a vision for one's life and following that vision. That's also where true happiness lies and that's what I want to offer people," Dwayne goes on to say.

Dwayne launched his website in March of 2011 and is currently working on the finishing touches of his Wealthy Life Secrets program. Although he currently only offers 1 on 1 life coaching and group seminars, he states that is goal is to eventually provide home study courses which allow people to find their own direction and answers to the problems that confront us all in daily life.

Dwayne was deployed to the Middle East during the final stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom. During that time he discovered that his true passion and purpose in life was to help people change their lives. After his tour of duty in the Middle East he returned home and began his education toward being able to make that a reality. After several years of education and job experience to learn what he needed to in order to coach others and build an online business, he created where he currently offers coaching and seminar services. He will be launching his first home study course, Wealthy Life Secrets - Live From The Inside Out in April of 2011.

In addition, Dwayne has begun to speak and provide training for businesses in his local area. He is also a volunteer for numerous non-profit organizations in his local area and is constantly looking for new ways to give back to his community.

For more information, please visit or contact Dwayne Gilbert, President and CEO, at (570) 541-1524.

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