Patriot PAY Delivers a New Online Payroll Option to North Dakota Employers

Patriot PAY offers a cost-effective payroll software option for small business owners in North Dakota. Because Patriot PAY is an online service, users can run their payroll anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Canton, OH, March 31, 2011 --( North Dakota employers can now look forward to a great new way to run payroll -- Patriot PAYTM, online payroll software from Patriot Software, Inc. Starting at just $10 a month, Patriot PAY offers an affordable option for North Dakota small business owners looking for no-nonsense payroll alternatives.

Exclusively serving American small businesses with 50 or fewer employees, Patriot PAY accurately will calculate payroll in the land of Louis L’Amour, as well as in 21 other states, including South Dakota, Iowa, Montana and Idaho.

With Patriot PAY, employers have the freedom to run payroll anytime or anywhere with just a computer and Internet access. Whether they’re in Bismarck, Fargo, or traveling around Grand Forks or Minot, employers can finish their payroll in minutes and get back to business.

Wendy Smith, payroll supervisor for Patriot PAY, says she’s thankful that she can run payroll from anywhere, especially when bad weather prevents her from getting to work. “Because Patriot PAY is online, I can run payroll in the convenience of my own home when I can’t get to the office,” Smith says.

Patriot PAY is the ideal payroll solution to meet the needs of North Dakota’s diverse economy. Whether their business is harvesting canola or wind energy or mining for coal, Patriot PAY is well-suited for many types of North Dakota small businesses. Employers can also opt for Patriot’s TaxBeGoneTM payroll tax filing service to handle all their federal and state payroll tax deposits and filings.

Patriot PAY offers employers plenty of ways to customize their payroll for their individual business needs, including different payroll processing methods such as direct deposit, printed, or even handwritten paychecks. Patriot customers can run payroll as often as they want at no additional charge, and customize deductions and contributions for each employee. They can also allow employees access to their own payroll data and personal information with the MY PatriotTM Employee Self-Serve option.

Because Patriot PAY is designed for business owners, not payroll experts, the software is easy to learn. Customers will find that most questions can be answered easily through built-in help screens, videos, and articles located throughout the software. Business owners in America’s friendliest state will also appreciate customer service by phone or email if they ever need it.

North Dakota employers can try out Patriot PAY for free with a 48-hour test drive on their own or with a Patriot customer service representative as their guide. Using Patriot’s sample company or their own company data, they can try out all the features of Patriot PAY, including adding new employees, editing employee payroll information, or running a sample payroll.

The start of a new quarter is a great time for business owners to sign up for Patriot PAY, but they can also start at any time of the year. It’s easy to sign up online, and customers can add other services or cancel Patriot PAY anytime if the service doesn’t meet their needs.

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