Moms in Business Unite Seeks Donations for Japan; Executive Director Kyoko Tanaka Has Personal Connection to Disaster

Moms in Business Unite is accepting donations at its website to send to those who are suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake/tsunami. Kyoko Tanaka, one of its executive directors, is a native of Japan with family still there, so MIBU wants to do all it can to support her and the devastated country.

San Diego, CA, March 31, 2011 --( Moms in Business Unite, offering a unique educational conference to enhance the professional and personal lives of women and mom business owners, announced today that it is accepting donations at to send to Japan to help survivors of the recent earthquake and tsunami. Executive Director Kyoko Tanaka has been personally touched by the tragedy, so her fellow directors have rallied around her and now seek broader support from the women and mom entrepreneur communities.

“My heart goes out to the people of Japan; it’s hard for me to move forward with my daily activities without thinking of their suffering,” said Randa Cote, founder of SPE Solutions and Moms in Business Unite chairwoman. “The fact that a member of our MIBU family is affected brings this disaster very close to home, so we want to do all we can to offer support.”

Tanaka’s parents live north of Tokyo, and although their home sustained only minor damage, her 78-year-old father was missing for 18 hours, stranded, it turns out, in the subway. The couple had already been planning a visit to San Diego to celebrate their daughter’s birthday, and luckily they were able to make it here, but they’ll be returning to Japan soon.

“I’m really treasuring the time I have with my parents, but I’m just heartbroken when I think of what’s happening in Japan,” Tanaka said. “I have friends who can’t find their relatives, and I’ve heard heart-wrenching stories about mothers having to wait hours and hours to get powdered milk and diapers. They have to think about moving forward and rebuilding, but how can they when day-to-day life is so hard?”

Tanaka, who’s been a U.S. resident since 1982, hopes to go back to Japan in the fall to see her family and provide in-person support. She also plans to donate some of the proceeds from her company, Tanaka Graphics, to help earthquake/tsunami survivors.

“There’s so much need over there right now, I wondered what I could do as one person, but if my efforts help even one woman feed an innocent baby, I’ll feel I’ve contributed,” Tanaka said.

To donate to the MIBU Japan relief effort, visit To learn more about Tanaka Graphics, visit

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