iAPR Helps Borrowers Compare Loans Wisely and Save

SBG Real Estate launches a new iPhone app, iAPR, to help borrowers make intelligent choices when shopping for loans or mortgages.

Milpitas, CA, April 02, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Shopping for a mortgage or loan is not a easy task. In addition to comparing rates, borrowers have to compare loan costs and fees which vary from one lender to another. Common borrowing questions including when is it a good time to pay additional fees to lower the interest rate, what is the minimum holding period to justify paying additional costs to lower the interest rate, and what is the overall costs of the loan.

SBG Real Estate introduces an iPhone app, iAPR, that will answer the above questions in a matter of seconds. iAPR will ease the pain of comparing loans, whether it a home loan, auto loan, or a refinance loan. It will help borrowers compare loans with confidence and make a intelligent choice when picking a loan.

iAPR analyzes and compares loans based on the loan's APR (annual percentage rate). APR is the effective cost of a loan in terms of percentage which takes into account of all loan costs. In effect, the overall loan costs is converted to a percentage, so that loans can be compared easily in a apple-to-apple comparing fashion.

The definition of APR varies due to the inclusion and exclusion of certain loan charges. Therefore, the APR presented by lenders may not include all of the loan costs. This app will allow a borrower to include All or Any loan costs in the calculations and comparisons, so he /she knows the true costs of the loan.

If a borrower has to pay additional fees or costs such as points to get a lower interest rate, iAPR will calculate the break even point or minimum holding period to justify paying the additional fees and costs. Because the costs of loans are based on loan size and term, holding periods will only be calculated for loans with the same amount and term.

This app is designed with consumers and professionals in mind. Consumers with access to the app can make intelligent mortgage and loan choices. Loan, mortgage, and real estate professionals can help their clients/customers pick mortgage according to their needs.

What is more? This app also comes with a simple payment calculator with amortization feature and a mortgage calculator for home buyer. Home buyers can simply enter their home price, downpayment, and loan information to obtain a estimate of their monthly housing expenses that includes mortgage payment, property taxes, insurance, HOA, and other housing expenses.

Finally, this app is packed with many features including bookmarking, email, help info, settings, and more.

This is a valuable iPhone app for anyone looking for a home, an auto, or a refinance loan. It will help borrowers to compare wisely and save.


APR calculator (home, auto, refinance loans)

Calculates the true costs of a loan in terms of APR (%)

Calculates the holding period of a loan should you pay additional costs to get a better rate

Compare two loans side-by-side

Identify the loan with a lower cost (APR)

Loan calculator for borrower (home, auto, credit card loans)

Purchase calculator

Help info available for Buyer calculator

Ease of use – large number keypad

Ease of navigation – never have to scroll to input numbers

Intuitive & user-friendly user interface

Convenient calculator for adding loan costs

Email feature – email results to clients

Bookmark feature– save important calculations for future reference

Settings – property tax rate and insurance in the iPhone Settings app

Calculate APR for any loans including FHA, VA, & conventional loans

Monthly payment

Monthly housing payment summary

Amortization schedule

iOS 4.2 or later (please download the latest iOS)

Go to the the iTunes App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iapr/id427544287?mt=8&ls=1

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