The Animal Rescue Site and Donate More Than $300,000 in March to Japanese Animal Rescue

Seattle, WA, April 02, 2011 --( Visitors to The Animal Rescue Site donated more than $300,000 in March to the current animal rescue efforts in Japan. The funds were distributed weekly after receipt to the Humane Society International (HSI) and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) by, the nonprofit partner of The GreaterGood Network.

"Through the Gifts That Give More™ program at The Animal Rescue Site, we provide online donors with a safe, fast way to give money to the groups who need it the most in times of disaster," said Lisa Halstead, board president of "We disburse emergency funds weekly to give the first responders the flexibility and the support that they need when aiding survivors in a crisis."'s unique Gifts That Give More™ program allows 100% tax-deductible contributions to be directed to nonprofit causes or projects selected by the donors. With typical donation levels of $10 to $100 per Gift, the program has generated millions of dollars for more than 80 charities worldwide since its inception. In particular, the program has allowed visitors to The Animal Rescue Site and other GreaterGood Network websites to quickly provide assistance to survivors during such disasters as the Haitian earthquake, the Gulf Coast oil spill, and others.

After putting out the call to donors on March 11 following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, was able to send $170,480 to HSI on March 21, followed by donations of $103,810 to HSI on March 28 and $30,000 to IFAW on March 28. A total of $304, 290 has been distributed in less than 18 days after the earthquake struck.

"Gathering supplies and deploying to Japan is no minor expense, and The Animal Rescue Site and have made possible our swift mobilization," said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, HSI's parent entity. "We’re working closely with Japanese partners to provide emergency sheltering, help animals in urgent need, lay the foundation for permanent enhancements to animal care capacity in the devastated zone, and set the stage for policy changes to strengthen animal protection in Japan in the future."

Both HSI and IFAW are working with local animal rescue groups to provide temporary shelter for lost or abandoned animals. They will use the funding from The Animal Rescue Site and to ship essential supplies to the region (such as food, dog kennels, collars, and bowls), and help coordinate the efforts of Japanese animal welfare groups and other international animal welfare organizations that are working to identify and meet the most urgent and immediate needs of animals affected by the disaster.

"Watching the devastation in Japan from afar, we knew the impact was going to be terrible for people, and we knew animals would need help too," said IFAW's Manager of Disaster Relief, Dick Green. "The swift generosity of The Animal Rescue Site community and helped get IFAW here, on the ground in the impacted area, so we can help the animals of Japan."

To see Green and the IFAW team in Japan, and learn more about the need for animal shelters following evacuations, go to:

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