Aerus Sends Relief Technology to Japan

Dallas, TX, April 04, 2011 --( Aerus LLC, formerly Electrolux USA, the leader in the development and management of technologies that create and sustain a healthy home environment, reported that a team from Dallas headed up by Arthur Johnson is traveling to some of the hardest hit areas of Japan with special technology to aid in recovery efforts.

Aerus LLC is well-known for several important technologies, including its Floor Care, Air and Water Purification Products. Aerus and affiliated companies, Vollara and ActivTek are sending more than $100,000 in technology equipment to set up in shelters and community centers throughout the affected areas in Japan. These efforts are headed by Arthur Johnson, who has family in Sendai and other areas of Japan. Aerus has sent dozens of HEPA vacuum cleaners with Mr. Johnson to capture contaminated particles.

“Aerus’s compassion and stewardship are manifested in its generous support for our relief efforts in Japan,” said Mr. Arthur Johnson. “Aerus’s vacuum cleaners have been proven to be HEPA certified, and capture virtually all particles they contact. Aerus’s products will dramatically improve living conditions in crowded community relief living centers. I am so thankful to be supported by such a great family of Companies.”

“We are so proud and honored to be associated with Mr. Johnson, and admire his courage and commitment,” said Aerus’s Chairman and CEO, Joseph P. Urso. “Arthur is a man of noble character and a big heart and his efforts will help thousands of Japanese families who are suffering. We are also grateful to American Airlines for their generosity in shipping our relief equipment to Japan.”

Aerus, LLC is a world leader in high end vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and water purifiers.

About Aerus
Aerus LLC, formerly known as Electrolux LLC and the manufacturer of Electrolux Vacuums from 1924-2003, has been in business in North America for over 85 years and remains committed to providing affordable products and services that enhance the health, wellness and comfort of its customers and their families. In addition to its legendary Lux floor care line, Aerus offers extraordinary new products to create a healthy home, such as the Guardian Air purification system and our Origins Natural Water System.

Aerus LLC is wholly owned by Aerus Holdings, LLC, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and maintains a manufacturing facility in Bristol, Virginia. Holdings, through its various subsidiaries, employs several hundred people and also owns Vollara and ActivTek.

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Kevin Hickey / President