Robert Paisola's Western Capital Receives Overflow of Business Due to "Bankruptcy Reform Act" Passed in 2005

The rate of civil litigation in US courts continues to increase every year, making it continually more difficult to complete a debt recovery lawsuit in its entirety. Even when the suits are concluded, most are not ultimately settled. However, changes in bankruptcy laws that became effective in October 2005 have allowed Western Capital Financial, , to recover millions more for their clients in the past years than would have been possible before the law change.

Salt Lake City, UT, February 27, 2007 --( The ways in which collection agencies in America Operate have changed substantially since the passage of the Bankruptcy Reform Bill in 1995.  That "usual" ways of collecting corporate and commercial debt have changed dramatically as a result of the recent Bankruptcy law update, which was enacted because of expanding increases in bankruptcy filings and increased losses to American Creditors. Added to these reasons is the potential for Corporate Bankruptcy Abuse even though the debtor corporation has the ability to repay the entire debt.

As a result of this industry wide shakeup, Western Capital has re-ascended to the forefront of the industry. takes full advantage of the most recent changes in US bankruptcy laws, to collect debts on behalf of its Corporate Clients with a rate of success and efficiency previously unheard of. 

Western Capital Corporate Collections, Located at reports a success rate of more than 80 percent on the cases they pursue, with the majority of debt in those cases resolved within the first 120 days. In fact, most of their cases are negotiated quite favorable to their clients prior to costly legal battles. 

In the past, it was standard to retain the services of an attorney to pursue the outstanding debt, which often took several years, and frequently resulted in the accumulation of prohibitively expensive attorney's fees for the Client.

Sometimes the process even took long enough to give the debtor enough time to bury, or bankrupt all available assets, making them unrecoverable.

"Less than 20% percent of judgments are ever collected and an even higher percentage never complete the lengthy legal process," explains Robert Paisola, CEO for Western Capital Financial. "Most people just drop their cases because of excessive attorney fees and personal frustration." 

Western Capital makes the corporate debt recovery process affordable and efficient for its clients to utilize. can investigate (through it's affiliate www.WeCanSeeYou.Org ) the debtors' ability to pay back the debt without the need to pay retainers and deposits. Generally, it does not cost Western Capital's clients anything to determine if their debts cannot be feasibly repaid.

When determines the debt can be repaid; they immediately begin intensive research, which frequently uncovers hidden assets, third party transfers, offshore corporations and other-persons held assets, which would normally block the debt recovery process.

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