Very Important Relationships, Inc. Unveils its New Multiple Integrated Systems Technology ("MIST")

MIST architecture allows the integration of multiple websites, web services, and access to different secured online systems and social communities under one roof, creating a unified, seamless experience for the end user.

Carson City, NV, April 05, 2011 --( Very Important Relationships, Inc. (VIR), an on-line marketing solutions company and premier provider of customer loyalty, employee benefits, and fundraising programs, today announced the launch of its new Multiple Integrated Systems Technology platform (“MIST”). MIST architecture allows the integration of multiple websites/services, different secured online systems and social communities (“multiple web based platforms”), all under one roof; thus creating a seamless experience for the end user.

“MIST allows VIR’s clients to integrate custom features from multiple web based platforms into a single, independent platform based on VIR’s clients' needs,” says Jody Tallal, CEO of VIR. “MIST is an overlay platform that can integrate the parent website with multiple other web based platforms (both secured and unsecured), creating a seamless, personalized experience for the end user. This means a parent website can showcase VIR’s array of 'value added' loyalty products; a client’s products or services; the products and service of other companies that client wishes to integrate; independent external websites of interest to the end user; etc. MIST platforms can also be used as an independent delivery mechanism for different products and services that tracks sales and shares revenues. The possibilities are endless.”

MIST also allows different users, based on login profiles that are set by the platform owner, to have different experiences. This means the same website can be used by multiple companies, with each company controlling the branding, content their users see, and to what they have access.

“Imagine a single website that can allow a company to offer to it employees, customers, and even other business clients, a web portal that can morph into different experiences for the different classes of the users upon login,” says Tallal. “A platform that can allow access under a single sign in to: 1) a user’s own personalized CashBack mall, social communities, personalized home page, game room, personal content, etc.; 2) access their own company HSA account, and/or corporate employee payroll account; and 3) learn about and enroll for the services of other vendors that the company wishes to offer to its employees or other corporate customers.”

MIST platforms can also provide the platform owner the ability to replicate its platform under different branding and functionalities so it can offer that to that owner’s corporate clients. Thus, the platform owner can provide unlimited branded versions of its MIST platform to its corporate clients to offer as their own value added service to their employees and/or customers. This functionality can include allowing each of the owner’s selected corporate clients the ability to have independent control over what their end users have access to and are allowed to see and do once logged into their personal portal.

This is made possible by what VIR calls its “Universal Flexible Profile.” Each user has their own UFP which can contain information about their personal portal preferences as well as rules set by the platform owner to control the experience of different classes of users.

The system can even be designed to include an infinite number of ways to break up and share revenue with a company’s (or its client’s) independent sales force. This means everything on the site that produces any form of revenue can then be tracked with commissions shared in infinite configurations of payouts paid to different groups of sales people, all operating under the same platform.

“MIST affords VIR’s clients the ability to have a B2C, B2B, and B2B2C platform all operating under a single umbrella,” adds Tallal. “It is a true chameleon that can change literally into almost anything a client desires. And the best part is since VIR is a technology company; it can additionally develop new functionalities that its clients specify that do not currently exist.”

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