Gout Treatment Online.com is Now Live. The Site Explains Exactly What Causes Gout.

Durban, South Africa, April 06, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The Site Explains Exactly What Causes Gout, What Your Risk Profile is, and How to Handle an Acute Gout Attack. Then Outlines Strategies to Control Gout.

Gout Treatment Online.com went online on the 21st of March 2011. The main aim is to eradicate the confusion surrounding Gout for sufferers worldwide.

The website is a research project by Simon Petrusk, a long time ex-gout sufferer, who decided that it was time for the truth. Having been “advised” and “treated” by the conventional medical professionals, he decided there must be an underlying truth, that would actually help ordinary people to cope with this disease.

Simon states: “ I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Every opinion, differed from the last, and each time a “new” drug, was going to solve the problem. I wanted to find out for myself, what actually was happening, to be able to take some control.”

Laborious research, uncovered, that there was more to Gout than the commonly sprouted “wisdom” and explanations. More importantly, the underlying reasons, were not as simple as the often touted bad eating habits.

The real reasons were uncovered, as well as effective methods to cope with these.

A genuine working method, not commonly known was experimentally acquired. A method, both obvious and simple for the dedicated sufferer to implement.

Gout Treatment Online.com discusses the surrounding facts, as well as the options available to the sufferer.

About Simon: With a background in Engineering and computer science, Simon, was looking for “logical“ explanations, rather than some more theory. Applying common sense to the task, and in the process, ignoring some “tried and tested” solutions, he researched and found practical and realistic help achievable by most people.


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