Kids Social Network Attracts Over 1100 Members in Less Than 75 Days. Jackie Fame is Quickly Gaining National Attention.

Brother entrepreneurs, Zachary Swauger (age 12) and Joshua Swauger’s (age 10) Jackie Fame network is gaining national recognition in record time. Since the brothers launched their network, Jackie Fame “For kids, by kids, monitored by parents” in mid-January, the site has attracted over 1100 members in less than 75-days of operation.

Burbank, CA, April 06, 2011 --( When the brothers wanted to join a popular social network, their mother said no. “It is simply too dangerous” she explained. Prior to that conversation the boys, with their father’s help, had been learning about building businesses and developing a brand. Ultimately, the boys created Jackie Fame – a youth consumer product and apparel company. “When mom said no, I looked at Josh and said, let’s ask dad,” says Zachary. “Well, we asked him too and he said - ask your mom,” said Joshua. “At that point, we knew what we needed to do, build our own network and build it around our Jackie Fame brand,” Zachary added.

And the boys did just that, creating the Jackie Fame Network,

The boys and their kid advisors designed the Jackie Fame network to be a safer alternative to other social networks, while still allowing its members flexibility of communication, sharing and uploading content - including videos, music, and pictures while having fun interacting with friends. The site is designed to ensure the content is in line with the company’s safety mission. All pictures, videos, blogs and events must be approved first by the Jackie Fame Administrator Moderator team prior to posting live to the site. There are also over 3600 obscene or bullying words that are prohibited from the network through automatic screening, and chat is also monitored by the Administration team.

“It is great to see everyone enjoying the site, and seeing our network becoming such a popular online destination where our users are interacting and having fun,” said Joshua. “And it’s really great to see the growth of Jackie Fame being driven mainly by member’s word of mouth across the country,” added Zachary.

While the growth of the network has already been impressive, the Company believes it is just at the beginning of the typical social network growth curve. Not only has membership growth been steadily increasing, but the Jackie Fame Network, and its social portal has been experiencing incredible statistics such as new visits, up monthly 98%, 15.83 pages per visit, and an average time of 14:57 minutes per member visit on the network.

The Company believes opportunities are unlimited, as its Jackie Fame product brand launch is planned for Q4 2011, along with the addition of a number of new network channels, including “Fame America!” – The online original music contest for kids ages 8-18 where their songs will be voted on by the FAME members. Finalists of Fame America win cash, prizes, and a trip to Hollywood to perform live, plus studio time to professionally record their original song.

The Mission of the Jackie Fame Network is to be the leading the kid/teen social networking destination with the largest, most engaged audience. The network will be supported by its unique position as one of the strongest, most valued brands, focusing in the highly coveted kid-teen audience.

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