New APE1 Redox Inhibitor Molecule (E3330)

Littleton, CO, April 07, 2011 --( AP Endonuclease 1 (APE1), also known as REF-1, is an enzyme primarily responsible for DNA base excision repair. In addition to a DNA repair domain, APE-1 also contains a redox regulation domain to help activate other enzymes involved in the DNA repair pathway. APE 1 is found overexpressed in many human cancers and is required for cancer cell viability, making APE-1 inhibition a potentially important target for cancer therapy.

E3330, a small-molecule inhibitor of APE 1 redox domain function, has been used to significantly reduce the growth of human pancreatic cancer cells in vitro [PMID: 18645011]. Therefore, E3330 is expected to emerge as a useful tool for treatment of certain cancers.

Novus Biologicals is excited to announce the commercial release of this E3330 APE1 redox inhibitor (catalog number NBP1-49581). This product may be used to inhibit APE1redox activity in vivo for studies on cancer cell stability and proliferation. Novus also offers a complete line of APE1 products for use with the E3330 inhibitor. All Novus products are 100% guaranteed to work in the species and applications listed on the datasheet, and the Innovator's Reward Program supports testing in novel species and applications.

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Amy Chamberlain-Torres