Positive Promotions Announces the Winners of the 2010 “I Make a Difference Teacher of the Year Award”

In honor of the thousands of teachers who serve students throughout America, Positive Promotions proudly announces their “I Make a Difference” Annual Teacher Awards Program. They are honoring their country’s most exceptional including someone right in your own school.

Hauppauge, NY, April 17, 2011 --(PR.com)-- One of the most powerful services in the world is to provide an education and this service is provided by teachers. An education will lead to lifelong benefits and is a vital tool for creating opportunities in any individuals’ life. A teacher plays an important role in a students’ life, they are responsible for building a strong foundation that will lead to scholastic success and good character. They tend to instill values, attitudes and behaviors in students at an early age. “A teacher’s job is quite a challenge, they are not just instructors, but role models as well,” says Nelson Taxel, CEO at Positive Promotions "They deserve to be recognized and appreciated for the amazing work they do!"

Positive Promotions’ “I Make a Difference” Teachers Awards Programs gives anybody the chance to nominate a teacher from their own school or community. They split the contest into four regions and a first and second place winner is chosen from each region. Their 2010 Nominees set the standard for excellence as a teacher, whose talent and commitment have made a difference in students’ lives. It was not an easy choice to pick the winners all of our nominees provided inspiration to their peers and exhibited professional skills and dedication that go above and beyond.

These are their 2010 winners from each region:

East Region: Leslie Roser at Flintstone Elementary in Flintstone, Maryland
Under the leadership of fourth-grade language arts and math teacher Leslie Roser, the school implemented four days of hands-on science activities. Leslie also serves as chair for the School Improvement Plan, holds group lunches with her students, uses her planning time to assist children, and shares knowledge with staff members. Principal Sharon Morgan, who nominated her, said, "All children in Leslie's classroom know they have a teacher, counselor, confidante and friend for life."

Midwest Region: Kay Hall at Paintsville Jr/Sr High School in Paintsville, Kentucky
As a chorus teacher, Kay Hall enriches arts education. As a humanities and media teacher, Kay records all school events, and sent footage of a basketball game to a student's father serving in Afghanistan. Her students have won media competition awards. As a senior class and student council sponsor, she organizes trips, assemblies and fundraisers. She mentors new teachers. "You call Kay if you need something," said nominator Jami Ward, library media specialist. "No words describe what she means to this school."

West Region: Cecilia Zeidman at Playa Del Rey Elementary in Culver City, California
Third-grade teacher Cecilia Zeidman has taught at the elementary school for 25 years. She plans lessons with students' abilities in mind and implemented a plan to accommodate a diabetic student. Cecilia updates her website weekly and mails a newsletter to parents and students. She organizes fundraisers, coordinates Playa del Rey's Box Tops for Educational Projects and oversees performances and festivals."Teachers and parents can count on Ms. Zeidman for assistance and support," said her nominator, Mary Pierce, former principal at the school.

South Region: Lindy Poling at Millbrook High School in Raleigh, North Carolina
Lindy Poling's students rarely forget their social studies classes. In her Lessons of Vietnam (LOV) class, Lindy helps them understand war, death, politics, patriotism and values and takes them to visit the Vietnam Wall in Washington. Lindy has authored books about the LOV program and received numerous awards. She is in charge of the Community in the Classroom speaker program, which brings individuals, including a Nazi prisoner and a State Department official, to talk about their experience of historical events. "Lindy's passion for social studies, history and her students is clear," said her nominator, Teresa Cronin.

Positive Promotions invites you to nominate a teacher from your school or community. Your nominee will receive an exclusively designed 2011 teacher of the year lapel pin and presentation card in a gold-stamped velveteen pouch. Your nominee will also become eligible to become one of our eight regional winners who receive even more prizes, including a cash donation of $250-$500 in his or her name to your school or PTA.

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