Marketing Firm Dusts Off the "Lost Art" of Handwriting to Help Clients

How marketing firm, Write On Results is specializing in the "lost art" of real handwriting to improve direct mail response rates.

Frederick, MD, February 28, 2007 --( As electronic printing becomes the norm, penmanship is viewed as a lost art. That is exactly why Frederick, MD marketing firm Write On Results is specializing in real handwriting services. Real handwriting grabs a reader's attention because it is so rarely used.

In an October 2006 article in The Washington Post, it was stated that public schools are now spending less than 10 minutes a day teaching handwriting. The teachers interviewed, stated that handwriting lessons were low on their priority list compared to other parts of the curriculum. The article found that few students use handwriting anymore - more often than not, they type their messages.

While some may see the shrinking use of real handwriting as an unfortunate change in our society, Write On Results thinks this is a great opportunity for businesses to improve their marketing results. "People rarely receive hand addressed mail anymore," said Ray Hrach, co-founder and Vice President of Business Development for Write On Results. "If you are lucky enough to find a handwritten envelope in your mailbox, it will definitely be the first piece you open,” said Hrach.

Due to the increasing rarity of real handwriting, Write On Results has decided to focuses their marketing services specifically on handwritten mail. They have found that genuine hand addressed mailings can increase their clients' direct mail response rates by 400% or more. Their clients, who use handwritten mailings for fundraising, new customer prospecting, invitations, holiday cards, and product releases are finding that the use of real handwriting is helping their messages to stand out and stay out of the trash can.

"Our clients spend a lot of time and money on their marketing messages. By having the mailings hand addressed, they can practically guarantee that these important letters will be opened and read," said Hrach.

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Write On Results provides real handwriting services that dramatically increase direct mail response rates. They use real people and real pens to hand address mail, which guarantees that their clients' mail will be opened and improves their marketing return on investment.

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