Baker’s Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc. Responds to Shortage of Acetylene

Baker’s Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc. responds to the shortage of acetylene by proactively assisting customers with set-up to convert to HGX fuel gas.

Lincoln Park, MI, April 12, 2011 --( Due to the catastrophe explosion on March 22, 2011 at Carbide Industries, LLC in Louisville, Kentucky, there will be a shortage of acetylene fuel for an unspecified amount of time, most likely at least one year. Carbide Industries is the nation’s largest supplier of calcium carbide, which is the raw material used in the generation of acetylene gas. The current tragedy has implications for industry-wide problems in both welding and other fields with regards to the shortage of calcium carbide and the extra expenses which will passed on to everyone.

As an alternative to relying on acetylene, Baker’s Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc. is able to assist companies with set-up for switching over to HGX fuel gas. Converting to HGX fuel gas will result in overall cost savings and keep companies on track with production. Gary Klemz, President at Baker’s Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc., states, “We are offering free, hands-on demonstrations at all of our branches to both individual and industrial customers who would like to convert from acetylene to HGX. We are able to accommodate customers who need on-site demonstrations as well.”

To convert to HGX fuel gas, customers will need propane tips for their torches, T-grade hoses, HGX cylinders and an alternative fuel grade regulator. For customers who own acetylene cylinders, Baker’s Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc. is willing to swap those out for the appropriate size HGX cylinder. Baker’s Gas and Welding has HGX safety outfits as well. All items can be purchased at any branch, online at, or through the phone by calling 1-877-930-5690.

Klemz explains, “Baker’s Gas and Welding Supplies professionals are available to proactively assist customers in making a successful conversion from acetylene to HGX fuel gas. We are providing training and we are here to answer any questions customers have about the conversion process. Using HGX fuel will involve setting up the torches differently, and we are to here help make this switch as easy as possible.”

Advantages to using HGX fuel gas instead of acetylene include that HGX fuel gas is less expensive, safe, and highly effective. Baker’s Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc. is dedicated to making certain that the transition from acetylene to HGX fuel gas is smooth and stress-free for their customers.

About the Company:

Baker’s Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc. is an industrial supply company doing business locally in southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio, as well as online across the US and Canada. The company offers a variety of equipment and supplies for purchase and rental purposes. Baker’s Gas and Welding Supplies is a leader in the welding supply industry and carries a wide selection of supplies to help customers easily convert from acetylene to HGX fuel gas.

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