DIG Coaching Practice Presents "This Show is So Totally ADD!" on Attention Talk Radio with Host Jeff Copper, Attention Coach, and Patrick McKenna and Rick Green

Hold onto your hats! This show is ADD on steroids. Host Jeff Copper interviews two of the most outrageous ADDers on the planet around the conception, creation, and development of Totally ADD and its website. Learn about the whimsical video that puts ADD into context while educating and informing in a humorous way.

Tampa, FL, April 13, 2011 --(PR.com)-- DIG Coaching Practice presents Attention Talk Radio in an episode called “This Show Is So Totally ADD!” with host and attention coach Jeff Copper. Jeff interviews Patrick McKenna and Rick Green, two of the most outrageous ADDers on the planet around the conception, creation, and development of Totally ADD. Their Website, www.totallyadd.com, presents information through visual aids and videos that offer an online community for people living with attention deficit or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD).

For Patrick McKenna, the making of "ADD & Loving it?!" was a labor of love and a personal journey through a sometimes troubled childhood. When he first signed on, he believed that his attention deficit disorder was a gift. But as he spoke with the top experts across North America, he began to see that for most people, this syndrome sabotages lives and causes untold suffering. Working with Dr. Umesh Jain at CAMH, Patrick also recognized for the first time the toll that ADD had taken on his family and himself. With the support of his wife, Janis, Patrick found the courage to talk openly about something he had always tried to hide. In the process, he gained a deeper understanding and power around the challenges of ADD and a new appreciation of his own accomplishments. A fun project became a healing process and a mission to get the truth out. Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, McKenna honed his comic skills with Second City troupes in Toronto and Vancouver, as well as by performing his stand-up comedy routines throughout Canada and the United States.

Unlike many of Canada's best and brightest who head to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune, McKenna chose to focus his talents with the Canadian entertainment industry. By the early ‘90s, he had become one of the most popular performers on Canadian television. He showcased his incredible range, playing lead character in two hit series, The Red Green Show and Traders. He became the first actor in English-language TV to win both the Best Performance in a Comedy Series and Best Performance by a Lead Actor in a Dramatic Series in the same year. As well as numerous live appearances and stand-up comedy gigs, McKenna appeared in Elvis Meets Nixon, Everything to Gain, The Store, and the mini-series Trudeau. He has also guest-starred in Outer Limits, Blue Murder, The Associates, Psi Factor, Due South, Made in Canada, The Royal Canadian Air Farce, History Bites, and Black Fly. McKenna currently lives near Georgian Bay with his wife.

Rick Green was named by the University of Waterloo as one of its Top 50 Science Graduates of all time and is the only comedian so honored...so far. He began his career as a teacher at the Ontario Science Centre, developing programs and plays for the general public and school groups. He left in 1979 to become a full-time comedian, and for eight seasons, he produced and hosted the Canadian comedy series History Bites on History Television for which he received a Gemini Award. The show has been hailed as “the cleverest Canadian comedy of all time.”

In 2009, Global Television aired Green’s documentary film about adult attention deficit disorder called ADD & Loving It?! The film follows the story of Canadian actor Patrick McKenna as he gets a formal diagnosis and decides to educate himself about what ADHD is and is not. Before it even aired, the film won Green the CAMH Foundation’s 2009 Celebrity Transforming Lives Award because, as the nomination stated, “In one hour this program will transform how Canadians view this disorder.” Transforming people’s view of ADHD and providing good information is the motivation behind TotallyADD.com, which Green launched in December 2009. TotallyADD.com is a resource and community for anyone affected by adult attention hyperactivity disorder.

Rick Green was also co-creator, co-writer, and for several seasons the director of the "Red Green Show," which ran 15 seasons on CBC. Here, he showcased his physical comedy skills as a hapless outdoorsman on “Adventures With Bill.” He has also portrayed Commander Rick, writer and host of TVO’s long-running science fiction series, “Prisoners of Gravity.” He has produced hundreds of radio shows, dozens of stage productions, and the landmark TV series called “Four on the Floor,” and has received numerous Gemini Awards, ACTRA Awards, New York Festival Awards, and educational awards. Rick is married to his business partner, Ava Green, and has two grown children in university who are far more mature than he is.

"This Show is So Totally ADD!" is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20, 2011, at 8 pm ET on Attention Talk Radio (ATR), a live, interactive, Internet talk-radio show hosted each week by Jeff Copper. The public is encouraged to participate by calling 646-652-4409 to listen or ask questions.

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