Tpstry Unveils Geni and GEDCOM Support

Tpstry adds data portability options by rolling out new import and export features.

Nashville, TN, April 13, 2011 --( Tpstry announced today new features that allow users the ability to import family data from their Geni family tree and GEDCOM files. Users may also export Tpstry family data as a GEDCOM file.

“Many Tpstry users already use other family tree products and websites such as Geni,” says Tpstry Founder, Matt Johnston. “Tpstry now leverages this existing research to make gathering family memories more efficient.”

Tpstry uses basic family tree information to generate questions regarding family memories. By importing family tree data from an existing source, users are able to bypass many initial questions and jumpstart the memory gathering process.

“Tpstry is a really innovative company, and we love what they are doing in the family memories space,” says Noah Tutak, CEO of Geni. “We’re excited that Geni users can immediately immerse themselves in the Tpstry experience. This is a great example of using our API to provide a superior user experience.”

Documenting known family information is often the first step for family research projects. With the new GEDCOM export feature, Tpstry allows users to easily document known information and then export it in a format that is easily used by professional genealogists and many family tree programs.

Users can begin gathering their family memories for free at

Matt Johnston