Chris Marks First Anniversary With Contest to Win the 1st Annual Courage to Think Bigger Award and the Apple iPad 2

The Courage to Think Bigger Award™ provides a platform for successful entrepreneurs to inspire, while having the opportunity to win a free iPad 2.

Danbury, CT, April 13, 2011 --( While layoffs continue, new entrepreneurs are entering the arena of small business ownership every day. And they often search for proven examples of others who have succeeded, despite the current economic conditions.

The Courage to Think Bigger Award™ provides a platform for successful entrepreneurs to share their stories about using innovative techniques, a heightened mindset, how they uncovered a profitable market and steps taken to create greater results in their business. Using this “story-based” approach to win the Award allows new entrepreneurs to both learn from and be inspired by the power of the “quiet” success occurring around them.

It is also an unprecedented opportunity for more experienced entrepreneurs to: 1) share their story of success; 2) gain visibility for their business; 3) receive acknowledgment from friends, fans, clients, etc. using social media; 4) inspire other entrepreneurs with examples of proven success strategies and 5) win the 1st Annual Courage to Think Bigger Award™ and the Apple iPad 2.

“While I am celebrating a milestone in my own business,” says Chris Makell, “Think Bigger” Business Coach, “awarding the Courage to Think Bigger Award™ is an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ by helping more entrepreneurs celebrate their success and share that experience with those entering the market. It’s a win all the way around.”

The process is simple. Participants register for free and post their story to the contest blog and invite their friends, fans, colleagues, clients, etc. to read and comment on their story. The contest runs from April 1 – 30, 2011. At the conclusion, a winner will be selected based on the number of individual/unique comments posted to their story. The prize includes promotion and publicity as the “1st Annual Courage to Think Bigger Award™ Winner,” and they will receive the Apple iPad 2, specially engraved with “The Courage To Think Bigger.”

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