Honey and the Next Generation of Skincare: Cosmeceuticals Company Builds Honey-Based Skincare Line – Offers Survey for Feedback

It’s all about the honey that makes Rene Derme Skin Creams uniquely effective in treating injuries and in promoting skin health. The skincare line is a new member of TNNWC Group, LLC.

Levittown, PA, April 13, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The ages-old effort by human beings to prolong and enhance their own lives has taken a major step forward with one company’s radically new approach to skincare. After years of researching the many therapeutic uses of honey, Greg Martin, founder of Rene Derme Skin Creams, has turned this natural product into a line of skincare products that he maintains can help people protect their health. Rene Derme Skin Creams is a member of TNNWC Group, LLC.

“I believe our customers can do without certain surgeries or at least recover more quickly than with other remedies with these skin creams,” Martin asserts. He cites his own experience in 1990 when his granddaughter burned the bottom of her foot on a hot charcoal. Her great grandmother recommended honey, which he applied to his granddaughter’s foot at bedtime. “Her foot looked almost normal the next morning,” Martin says. He also cites his own experience with hemorrhoids. “I recalled that one of the benefits of honey was its anti-inflammatory properties,” Martin says. He applied commercial honey on the infected area. “Within three days, all pain, inflammations and infections disappeared.”

Martin then began intensive study into the properties of honey and developed his own line of commercial skin creams. “The secret is the honey,” Martin says, “And its antimicrobial properties.” He notes bacteria cannot grow or reproduce in honey, a characteristic that makes this therapeutic agent especially effective in promoting healing from injuries and in treating infections and inflammations.

“We are very excited that Greg has chosen TNNWC to help him grow his business,” Douglas Castle, chairman and CEO, says. “Greg personifies the type of entrepreneur we want to help: A visionary who has an idea or a product that can benefit a great number of people but who needs some ‘marketing magic’ to help them succeed.” TNNWC will help Rene Derme Skin Creams with a strategic barrage of marketing tactics, including social media.

“I know my skin creams can help many, many people who are suffering from all types of injuries, but they also can help promote skin development and health,” Martin says.

Martin also wants to learn from his own customers, fellow TNNWC members and the general public on ways to improve his products and services. “Anyone visiting our site can give us their opinions on their experience with our products and how we can serve them better,” he says. A short survey can be found at https://ciof.wufoo.com/forms/rene-derme-poll-1/.

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