UK Supercomputer Announced in Paris

The UK will shortly enjoy the benefits of a new concept in supercomputing. Announced by Omneta at the Apple Expo 2005, in Paris, on the 20 September 2005.

London, United Kingdom, September 22, 2005 --( Dr. Steven Windmill, CEO of Omneta, announced that Omneta is building a supercomputer; one of the fastest computers on the planet. The Omneta supercomputer is to be powered by Xserve servers and Xserve RAID storage systems; directly connected to 150 points of presense by the high speed Interoute network to the top 61 major cities across nineteen countries; enabling customers to access Omneta’s phenomenal power from their computer desktop. With Beta testing to begin shortly, the system is expected to be available commercially in 2006.

Omneta revolutionises cluster computing, launching its fully scaleable ‘internal’ grid. Being fully scaleable, there is no known limit to the power that can be achieved.

Dr Windmill says “With our supercomputer located in secure, bombproof, ‘bunkers’, Omneta can provide phenomenal computer power at a competitive cost, with technological and physical security well beyond industry standards; a compelling argument for our customers. For example, the power of this computer will enable doctors to rapidly analyse data and save lives. It will allow banks and the financial regulators to analyse transactions on a real-time basis, identifying possible fraud, money laundering and possible terrorist activity, as it happens.”

Working closely with both Apple Inc and Interoute AG, Omneta launches with ultra high levels of technological and physical security.

Tony Clark, Omneta CTO says: “We are purchasing Xserve G5 computers and Xserve RAID storage systems to build a fully scaleable, very powerful, multi-site, secure computing environment. Omneta will be launching a wide portfolio of services over the coming months, the first of which is R-A-P (RentAProcessor); providing clients with the capability of purchasing compute time on a contract or pay-as-you-go basis, just like mobile telephony.”

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