Omneta provides a diverse range of services centred on a highly secure, multi-site supercomputer enabling and maintaining the highest levels of personal, physical, commercial and national security levels; creating a revolutionary, cost-effective, highly efficient facility, used by governments, commercial organisations and academia.


* Operates one of the world’s fastest computers
* Security cleared staff (individually security-vetted by a leading NATO country)
* Remarkably cost efficient and cost effective
* Ultra secure locations
* Robust, infinitely scaleable, very secure infrastructure

Based in secret, ultra secure, bombproof centres, the Omneta supercomputer will be powered by several thousand servers and RAID storage systems; directly connected by the high speed Interoute network to 61 major cities in nineteen countries; enabling our customers to access Omneta’s phenomenal power from their computer desktop.

Dr Steven Windmill, CEO of Omneta Plc, launched the business at the Apple Expo 2005 in Paris, France on 20 September 2005.

   ***   We have the ability to make your life easier – safely and securely   ***

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