AppliedE Achieves Internet Activity Recording US and European Patent Protection

East Morichies, NY, March 01, 2007 --( AppliedE™ is pleased to announce that its first patent has been allowed. This patent is a business method patent that claims and protects a method of automatically recording Internet activity performed by a user on behalf of a client. Business method patents are seldom granted in the U.S., and are only allowed after heightened scrutiny not only by the assigned patent examiner, but also by a panel of senior examiners who have expertise in the particular field of the claimed invention.  In this case, the application was examined for over six years; numerous prior art references were cited against the application during the examination process and the validity of appliedE™'s claims was argued each time.  In the end, two sets of claims were allowed which, due to the extensive, rigorous examination they withstood, should carry a stronger presumption of validity than would a patent that involved lesser scrutiny.

The allowed claims recite a client session during which Internet activity will be performed.  The timing and details of the session are recorded, and an activity record and/or a session bill are generated.  These broad claims are applicable to the compliance market, but the scope of the claims is farther-reaching and encompasses many other reporting applications.  Thus, the patent can be used to enforce appliedE™'s share of markets that it enters while setting up licensing opportunities in other areas, providing revenue even outside the boundaries of appliedE™'s core business.

In addition to the allowed patent, appliedE™ has an unrelated patent application that claims product innovations that were implemented after the filing of the allowed application. The pending applications have numerous claims directed to Knowledge Archival Systems and Methods and related subject matter.  The allowed patents, in conjunction with pending applications, were drafted with the goals of maximizing the Intellectual Property coverage available to appliedE™. Applications parallel to the allowed application were also filed in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the European Patent Office.  The European application has recently been allowed as well; the Canadian application is still pending with no final indication as to allowability.

About AppliedE™
AppliedE™ was founded in 1999 to deliver auditing and recording solutions for legal and regulatory compliance. In May 2003 and 2004, appliedE™’s innovative software was formally recognized at the 7th & 8th Long Island Software Awards (LISA). Both years, PartnerOnline™ received the LISA Award as the “Best Application Service Provider”.


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