EcoScraps Was a Guest on Fox 31’s “Dig in Colorado” Show

EcoScraps’ Colorado Manager, Blaine Wilkins, appeared on Fox 31 (KDVR) with MJ Engle and Keith Funk this month to talk about EcoScraps’ new Harvest Plenty brand of organic compost.

Denver, CO, April 16, 2011 --( EcoScraps’ Colorado Manager, Blaine Wilkins, was a guest on Fox 31’s “Dig in Colorado” show in the Denver area with MJ Engle and Keith Funk this month to talk about EcoScraps’ new Harvest Plenty brand of organic compost.

The clip aired on April 9 at 6:30 a.m. It will air again on April 16 at the same time. Video clips are available on Din In Colorado’s website and on their YouTube channel.

“I enjoyed talking about our new Harvest Plenty compost on the show,” said Wilkins. “It is exciting to see Harvest Plenty begin to expand in the Denver area. Gardeners in this area love our new product.”

Wilkins explained on the show that EcoScaps collects produce waste locally from grocery stores and produce suppliers that would normally go to the landfills to sit and rot and create methane. EcoScraps uses the highly nutritious produce to create a natural, organic soil that can be put back into the soil. Gardeners can use it in a vegetable or flower garden to help break up a clay soil or add nutrition to a sandy, lean soil.

“Our compost mix is a blend of organic matter, which is a combination of over 25 different fruits and vegetables,” said Wilkins. “Because of this, it is very low in salt, and does not contain ammonia, which is healthier for your soil.”

Harvest Plenty products are available in numerous locations in the Denver Metro area. The locations are listed on Harvest Plenty’s website,

About EcoScraps
EcoScraps is an organic soil manufacturer that was established in 2010. EcoScraps recycles food waste into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner. EcoScraps sells its Harvest Plenty products in Colorado. EcoScraps products enrich the soil, which help gardeners grow healthier plants in the most environmentally friendly way. Through this process they are able to reduce landfill waste and methane emissions. EcoScraps has won several awards such as the 2010 Sparkseed Innovator, 2010 SOCAP Scholar, #2 Emerging Student Company, Utah Student 25, and 2nd place and audience award winner at the BYU SVC 2010 Competition. Visit or call 303-501-3330 for more information.

Blaine Wilkins