Time Management Using Microsoft Outlook Now Available in Webinars

This series of Webinars will help individuals infuse time management principles into Microsoft Outlook thus improving productivity and reducing stress.

Atlanta, GA, March 01, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Karla Brandau and Associates (KBA) announces a new series of Webinars on Time Management and Microsoft Outlook. The Webinars are designed to help individuals who feel the pressure of a horrifically fast paced life, and who are overwhelmed by too many e-mails, too many voice mails and to many to-dos.

Organizations, whose people use Outlook for e-mail and an occasional meeting, are leaving 85% of the power of Outlook untouched. KBA’s program combines time management principles with advanced Microsoft Outlook features to give total power over the work day.

The four Webinars scheduled for March, teach the KBA EASY OUTLOOK system based on principles that time management guru and Microsoft Outlook expert, Karla Brandau developed over the past 20 years of teaching and training.

The programs will help participants:

• Survive e-mail overload
• End stressful searching for information
• Stop tasks from falling through the cracks
• Create distribution workloads for projects
• Implement follow-through and follow-up for everything

All sessions will be held from 12:00 EST to 1:00 P.M. and can be used for a Lunch and Learn. The sessions are:

March 9th - Unique Click and Drag Features. Getting more out of your investment in Microsoft Outlook is easier than you thought. Just learn these easy Click and Drag features.

March 13th - Work Efficiently with Others. You'll learn how to speed up, keep up, and move work forward when working together and collaborating with these little used Outlook features.

March 22nd - Discovering the Power of Tasks. If you keep lists of lists, this is the session for you! You'll discover the power of the Microsoft Tasks folder and how to keep track of all the details.

March 29th - Surviving E-mail Overload. Learn all the survival skills you need for e-mail overload. You'll want everyone in your organization to learn these techniques. If they do, e-mail problems will be significantly reduced.

For more information, call 770-923-0883 or click here:

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