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Real Estate Blog Services Provider, Blogging Systems Group, Brings Career Connection Offering to Recruitment Market

Blogging Systems’ Career Connection enables top companies to build a destination for top talent and brand their company as a leading employer with Web 2.0 technology.

Princeton Junction, NJ, March 01, 2007 --( - Blogging Systems Group, the leading provider of blogs to the real estate industry, augments offerings to leverage its blog technology and help employers reach and hire hard-to-find talent via its new service, Career Connection.

Career Connection is an online, customized career community that gives companies a personal voice on the web and an avenue with which to communicate with tough-to-reach talent.

“Fortune 1000 companies face an enormous hurdle in attracting top-tier talent, especially those not actively seeking a new position,” said Richard Nacht, Founder of Blogging Systems.  “The Blogging Systems’ Career Connection builds a talent pool of highly sought after candidates leveraging Web 2.0 technology and enabling candidates to advance their careers by fostering peer networking.” 

The company sponsoring the Career Connection site is able to overcome hurdles associated with finding industry talent including:

Finding Passive Talent – Those individuals who excel at their position, but who are not actively seeking a new job

Provide a great Candidate Experience – Traditional recruitment gives a candidate one option - apply for a job.  Career Connection provides canidates a place to advance their career, network with peers, and receive the most up-to-date career information from the web in one location. 

Build relationships with Candidates - The Career Connection allows a company the ability to build relationships with a talent pool and brand themselves as a leading employer leveraging Web 2.0 recruiting technology. 

Dave Lefkow, CEO of talentspark, a consulting firm that helps companies use technology to gain a competitive advantage for talent said that, "Blogs are a big part of the future of online recruiting. Leading companies are just beginning to use blogs for a number of purposes in their recruiting and sourcing efforts. Blogging Systems Career Connection is taking a very unique approach by creating content, communities and technologies to engage niche and passive job seekers."

Blogging Systems has hired Steve Amsden to bring Career Connection to the recruitment market.  Amsden, VP of Recruitment, has over 15 years of experience in the recruitment space with leading companies including TMP Worldwide and Monster.

“Reaching and attracting talented individuals is no small feat for companies.  Both money and resources are wasted when the perfect hire is not found,” said Amsden.

Career Connection is formally launching its Customer Advisory Program.  Leading companies such as Boston Scientific have already joined the program to help fill their critical hiring positions and partner with the Career Connection.  If you are interested in joining the Customer Advisory Program please contact Steve Amsden at 

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