Home Buyer’s Advocate Blog Offers Advice for Raleigh Real Estate Shoppers

Wake County real estate sellers can now gain access into the way in which buyer’s agents evaluate properties to recommend to their clients. Home buyer’s advocacy company ‘Buyer’s Advantage Group’ publishes information on its new blog that equates to dollars for local area buyers and sellers.

Raleigh, NC, March 01, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Though considered a buyer’s market in many areas of the country, the Raleigh real estate market has continued to remain strong despite the recent dip in the US market.  However, buyers in this market have become more informed and are more demanding of sellers.  For sellers of Raleigh real estate, understanding the way in which professional area buyer’s agents evaluate properties before showing them to their clients is essential for making their home a more appealing choice on the market from the perspective of those who are driving the buyer’s market.  

To empower its home buying clients, buyer’s agency Buyer’s Advantage Group Realty, LLC has launched Top Buyer’s Agency http://www.topbuyersagency.com, an informational blog, covering issues specific to Wake County real estate.  Articles provide information that give local area home owners actionable advice about ways to increase the value of their homes as seen from the perspective of a professional buyer’s agent.  Buyers on the other hand will learn about specific things to check for when shopping for local area homes that will give them leverage when negotiating a price.

“Most people don’t realize that there are three very different types of real estate agents—some represent the buyer, some represent the seller, and others represent both.  We are advocates for the buyer.  Those who are selling real estate can benefit greatly from seeing the process from the buyer’s agent’s point of view.  For sellers, understanding what buyer’s agents are looking for means a shorter time on the market—especially in today’s Raleigh real estate market,” says Barbara Gressens, one of the three founding members of Buyer’s Advantage Group.

Though sellers don’t always have direct access to buyer’s agents when selling their home, they can gain insight into how buyer’s agents evaluate homes by subscribing to the Top Buyer’s Agency blog.  Because buyer’s agents review all listings more thoroughly than most other types of agents before recommending viable properties for their clients, Gressens says it’s critical that sellers learn about what buyer’s agents are looking if their goal is a swift sale.

Gressens says that although the blog is relatively new, they have received a surprising amount of traffic from local area readers.  “Buying and selling the family home is often one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.  It is an all-consuming process and people are constantly searching for more information.  Our goal with the Top Buyer’s Agency blog is to focus on the specific nuances of the Raleigh real estate market.

She says that another goal of the blog is to provide more actionable content than is available from most general resources in the way of tips and information that readers can apply immediately to increase their home’s attractiveness to buyers on the market.  “When sellers will have their homes in better condition, then buyers require less action from home inspections.  This way, both buyer and seller win by closing on a good home in shorter time with maximum benefits to both parties.”

About Buyer’s Advantage Group Realty LLC:  Buyer’s Advantage Group, http://www.buyersadvantagegroup.net is a Raleigh real estate agency committed to representing the needs of local area buyers.  Since 2004 the agency has refined the art of service excellence across all facets of the home-buying process.

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