FanReach Releases New "How To Make Money On Facebook" Module

FanReach has added to its Facebook marketing and advertising course 13 new videos on how to generate revenue and profits, including interviews with businesses already making money on Facebook.

Pawleys Island, SC, April 18, 2011 --( FanReach has added to its Facebook marketing and advertising course a module of 13 new videos called "401" which includes interviews with profitable businesses and reveals how to make money on facebook.

FanReach 101 teaches pages, groups, and welcome tabs; 201 teaches fan page marketing techniques that increase fan engagement; 301 explains how to get cheap targeted clicks and fans with Facebook advertising.

"We already had students whose businesses were making profits. We interviewed them on what they did to succeed and created best practice videos about ecommerce, facebook sales," said FanReach CEO Brian Carter.

FanReach success stories include a San Diego entrepreneur notching 473% ROI, a Florida toy website achieving 300% ROI, a Tennessee dog breeder making 6500% ROI, a Californian getting his first in-house marketing position and a Utah digital marketing agency adding a new line of business.

"We're excited, because a lot of people think Facebook ROI is a myth, but they obviously haven't heard of us or learned our methods," said Carter. "We're also starting to work with agencies to train their people, which may ultimately raise the effectiveness of the entire social media industry."

Jeanie Henderson
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