Internet Users May Get Instant Resolution of New Dashcom Domain Names via a Range of Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now have free access to the International Dashcom Registry allowing their customers instant resolution of new Dashcom Domains (just like the Dotcoms).

San Francisco, CA, April 20, 2011 --( With the rise in popularity of Dashcom Domains, ISPs are being offered the opportunity to provide their entire user base with open access to a vastly expanded Internet where Dotcoms and Dashcoms exist side by side.

Dashcoms are brand new Web addresses like "music-com", "stock-market" and "paris-fashion" (Examples Only). Totally outside the realm and control of ICANN, anybody can create any domain or TLD in any language, instantly and at no cost.

With users and members in over 90 countries worldwide, resolution is via an APP, but now, for those ISPs linking into the new Registry, you'll see Dashcoms working just as the Dotcoms.

So easy are these Domains to use, that some are referring to them as Shortcuts. Rather of typing in full addresses like "", there are simpler quicker and more memorable Shortcuts like "foot-ball" (or if you prefer "football-com")

Here is an escape route from the costs of doing business with ICANN. New Dashcom websites have been popping up everywhere; some as parallels to the Dotcoms, others as original Dashcom shopfronts in their own right.

Dashcom Domains also come with free URL, IP and DNS forwarding. A personalized control panel is available to enable users to publish their websites immediately. Coming soon, other features such as Dashcom email, instant email, website design, upgraded website hosting, DNS management as well as data storage.

"Having just one Internet floating in infinite cyberspace is like claiming you can comfortably visit all America by living on Brooklyn Bridge," says Brian Retkin of Dashworlds. So now, just as in America and everywhere else in the world the Internet has more than one option.

If Dashcom Domains sound like they might be for you, ask your ISP to contact today for further details. A whole new universe of content is only a minute away.

About Dashworlds:

Dashworlds is a company that maintains the International Dashcom Registry, specializing in providing the widest range of fully personalized Internet domain names, totally free, via its global infrastructure.

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