Chancellor Health Trust Opens Membership for a Limited Time

Chancellor Health Trust opens medical concierge services suite for a limited time.

Palm Beach, FL, April 19, 2011 --( The Chancellor Health Trust is making its benefit plans available to corporate executives and high performing individuals after years of catering only to private clients. The partners have provided elite clinical concierge services since 1999, before the term was in the public domain. Company Trustees are guardians of a client’s health, acting on their behalf in much the same way a trust bank oversees management of financial assets. The personal relationship between Trustee and client allows Chancellor Health Trust to develop a thorough understanding of clients’ needs. Plans are custom and can be structured in a variety of ways depending on a client’s desired level of involvement.

The Chancellor Health Trust provides an impressive suite of product and service offerings including access to a 24hr medical call center, same day medical appointments, annual executive physicals and comprehensive, periodic reporting. Personal health trends can be tracked over time (reminiscent of the financial indices) and teams are able to identify emerging health issues and adjust tactics accordingly. Clients have ready access to their team of health experts providing for an exceptional client experience.

Chancellor Health Trust is a boutique style health management firm. It offers members a team of experts and advisors whose fiduciary responsibility is to preserve and protect their health. Through an in-depth discovery process, Trustees gain an intimate understanding of the client’s needs. Health and Wellness care can thus be aligned with their unique physiology, values and evolving life events. Trustees advise and coordinate all the pieces necessary to implement the strategies and solutions clients require. The Chancellor Health Trust -a higher level of everything you expect from medicine.

Chancellor Health Trust
Beth Wood