Dr. Robert Niedbalski Offers New Hair Cloning Breakthrough at Tacoma Hair Restoration Practice

Northwest Hair Restoration is the only practice in the Pacific Northwest to offer impressive ACell hair restoration treatment.

Tacoma, WA, April 20, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Robert Niedbalski, D.O., hair transplant surgeon and medical director at Northwest Hair Restoration in Tacoma, WA, is now offering an advanced treatment for genetic hair loss. The breakthrough hair restoration technique dramatically multiplies the number of hair follicles in an area that has previously stopped growing hair. Using FDA approved ACell wound healing powder MatriStem® MicroMatrix™ and an arterial blood serum combination, Dr. Niedbalski is able to activate stem cells present in scalp tissue and significantly increase the rate of hair re-growth.

This hair cloning technique was discovered by Dr. Gary Hitzig, a leading hair transplant researcher and surgeon. Dr. Hitzig discovered that MatriStem powder, when dissolved in an arterial blood serum rich in the patient’s own adult stem cells, could be injected into the donor area and top of scalp where hair is being transplanted. The powder and blood serum combination acted like a hair growth accelerator and fertilizer by activating stem cells present in scalp tissues and motivated healing by duplicating normal tissue and hair follicles instead of forming a scar.

In collaboration with Dr. Hitzig, Dr. Niedbalski is the only hair restoration surgeon in the Pacific Northwest to offer this significant new treatment for hair loss.

“I’ve been following Dr. Hitzig’s research and work with ACell and have seen the impressive hair growth results that have resulted from using this blood serum combination,” said Dr. Niedbalski. “I am honored and excited to offer this new treatment to patients of Northwest Hair Restoration. Patients will not only experience significant hair re-growth in just six months, but the wound where donor hair is taken and transplanted will heal with little or no signs of a scar within a few weeks. This is a notable difference from previous methods that required months for healing and produced more scarring.”

For more information about using ACell to treat hair loss, contact Dr. Niedbalski at (253) 572-2949 or visit www.northwesthairrestoration.com.

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Founded by Robert Niedbalski, D.O., Northwest Hair Restoration provides individualized solutions to treat hair loss in men and women. In addition to hair transplant surgery, including eyebrow hair transplantation, the practice offers non-surgical medical treatments, such as Propecia and laser hair therapy.

Dr. Niedbalski is the only fellowship trained and a certified member of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons, Dr. Niedbalski has been a member of the ISHRS since 1993 where he has served in various leadership roles with the organization, including co-director of the Fellowship Training Program. For more information, visit www.northwesthairrestoration.com.

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