Subzero Ice Cream Freezes on Into Murray

Sub Zero Ice Cream is proud to announce the opening of its newest location in Murray, opening on May 14.

Murray, UT, April 21, 2011 --( Sub Zero Ice Cream is proud to announce the opening of its newest location in Murray, opening on May 14.

Sub Zero Ice Cream was started under the direction of founder, Jerry Hancock. Hancock wanted an ice cream shop where customers would have limitless options. Using cryogenics, the study of very low temperatures, Hancock and his franchisees only need to stock a variety of fresh creams and mix-ins to give customers the ultimate say their frozen desserts. Customers can choose their base, any of the trillions of flavor and mix-in combinations, then watch as their creation is flash-frozen right before their eyes.

“My wife and I went out for ice cream one night; we tried Sub Zero and discovered why it has won States Best, 3 years running, in taste. Above that, it was very unique,” Sub Zero Ice Cream – Murray Owner, Tyson Foster, said. “It’s a younger franchise that I saw an opportunity to grow with. The rest is history and I'm very excited to be opening this store.”

Foster graduated from Brigham Young University – Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management/Finance. He is currently a trader at Fidelity Investments; Sub Zero Ice Cream will be his first business venture.

“Owning a franchise has been a plan of mine as a beginning investment ever since I was in college, various experiences and classes led me to that decision,” Foster said. “I was looking for something that was simple but unique, something that was recognizable and different than other franchises. I wasn't necessarily looking at restaurant franchises but when I found this one, it fit my criteria.”

Foster was a competitive body builder for many years and although he no longer competes on stage, he still takes physical health seriously. Sub Zero Ice Cream was the perfect fit for Foster not just on a business level, but on a personal level as well.

“When I tell my closest friends and family that I'm opening an ice cream shop they usually give me a strange look because of who I am. But they don't realize that it fits into who I am,” Foster said. “Because of our unique way of making ice cream we can customize with low fat ice cream, frozen yogurt, even soy and rice bases for the ultra-health nuts. Just because you put hours into the gym every week doesn't mean you can't have a treat. Our treats won't destroy your hard earned beach body; it’s my favorite treat after a grueling week in the gym.”

The grand opening of Sub Zero Ice Cream in Murray will be on May 14 at 12 p.m. It’s located on 5612 South 900 East in the Marketplace shopping center. They’re open Monday thru Thursday from 12 – 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 12 – 11 p.m., closed Sunday. Visit for more information.

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