Gerstein Global Futures is Hiring New Commodity Futures Traders

Gerstein Global Futures, a global commodity brokerage trading service provider is now hiring new commodity futures traders to be part of the firm’s global expansion.

Frankfurt, Germany, April 21, 2011 --( Founded in 2000 by Mr. Lawrence Dillion, a former floor trader for more than a decade, Gerstein Global Futures is now encouraging college students or college graduates who do not have huge capital to start trading investments or those who do not want to be working as regular clerks for a lengthened period of time in order for them to get into trading. Gerstein Global Futures now offers this rare opportunity for these aspiring individuals to work as traders through Gerstein Global Futures.

Gerstein Global Futures recruitment process includes trading trials for every chosen applicant. After the trading tryouts, Gerstein Global Futures Human Resources Head, Ms. Patricia Labbeck will review the resumes of the chosen applicants and will choose applicants for another recruitment process, which enables applicants to execute live trading at a real-time market environment. As part of the process, they are given a chance to access to the firm’s interactive chat room, in which they can inquire advice from other traders who are also included in the program.

If a certain candidate hits a profit margin and did a good job in the previous selection process for four consecutive weeks, he or she will be considered for a position in Gerstein Global Futures. Applicants who exhibited good performance are not required to have trading experience for as long as they have the passion to work in the industry. Gerstein Global Futures prefers most college students to be included in the short list.

Gerstein Global Futures is planning to have at least 12 new traders, however, this number is still subject to changes which means, it can be increased depending on the capabilities of the candidates. Also, selected candidates will still undergo a couple of months of rigid training.

After the training, candidates will be allowed to trade distantly from their homes for the first two or three months. After that, they will be allowed to choose which office they want to work as trader. Gerstein Global Futures has various offices worldwide. They can also choose to work in their homes until further advice is given to them.

Traders, who can successfully hurdle the recruitment process will take home more than 50 percent of their trading profits. However, bonuses and other benefits are not yet provided to new traders.

Gerstein Global Futures
Luca Weber