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Across Russia on a Virtual Train

This unique virtual railroad tour shows 7-days travel from Moscow to Vladivostok in 30 minutes. See great views of Russian nature, meet interesting people and have fun.

Moscow, Russia, March 05, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Russia is a very very big country. There is enough room for beautiful people, cities and nature. There are many ways to travel from one location to another– by car, by plane, by boat and of course, by train. Traveling by plane it is possible to reach the destination very fast, but all a traveler can see from illuminator is clouds. The same clouds as above any other country. A car will definitely allow to see more, but has certain limits on the length of a journey and requires to take some rest after driving all day. A boat is only for summer and of course it is designed to be used only where there the water is. But the train – it is a pure entertainment. It is a very Russian transport that can give traveler an easy and spectacular guide thousand miles long.

Trans-Siberian (Transsib) Railway was built to connect two very important and very distant cities of Russia – Moscow and Vladivostok. Each even date at 9-25 PM for the last 40 years the train “Rossija” (Russia) departures from Yaroslavl Station in Moscow to Vladivostok. The length of the route is 9 259 kilometers (5 753 miles), the total duration of travel is near 7 days. Now this ride takes 30 minutes on a personal computer using the multimedia virtual railway tour developed by KsanLab and Neq4.

It is all real here: show a ticket to conductor and go to the wagon. A passenger can walk inside the train and enjoy wonderful news - and go out on the stops to see what’s outside.

There are many interesting fellow travelers in this train to meet with: drummer Bigus who carries to Valdivostok a big African snail helping his friends, hereditary Siberian Petr Petrovich Mamin and his granddaughter, British photographer Mr. Johnson and Swiss painter Annic. During the travel they will tell interesting stories. And there are some adventures too.

The tour also presents the train’s interior and equipment that can be useful for a real travel.

This is a pretty safe virtual trip so we wish everybody to have some fun and enjoy this great opportunity to see new places right on the monitor.

Go travel: http://www.eng.rzd.ru/images/flash/

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