Precision Microdrives Revises Its 310-101 10mm Coin Vibrator Motor and Increases Vibration Output

London, United Kingdom, April 23, 2011 --( The 310-101 is a real workhorse of haptic feedback in handheld applications and cell (mobile) phones. It is Precision’s most commonly sold vibrator motor due to it's compact size, easy self-adhesive mounting method, and enclosed (shaftless) design.

Motor component suppliers are starting to phase out production of parts for the 12mm coin motor form factors, as customers move to 10mm coin vibrator motors or the smaller 8mm coin vibration motors. The newly updated 310-101 offers the highest vibration output amplitude in its class.

The 310-101 remains a 10mm shaftless vibrator motor with a brushed commutation mechanism, and its typical output is now increased to 1.2g (11.72 m/s²).

A brushless 10mm motor, 310-109 is also in production. The brushed commutator offers a standard run-time (before a 30% change in performance) of 100k cycles (one second on / one second off), whereas the brushless version is rated at 700k cycles; 7 times longer.

Using vibrating motors in hand-held devices is an excellent way to signal alarms and other events to users and operators. A vibration alarm mechanism is non-intrusive, and is localised solely to the operator. This is great for tools that are used in environments where there is a lot of noise and visual indicators such as displays and lamps might be hard to see.

The 310-101 motor is 10mm diameter, has a height of 3.4mm and weighs in at 1.2 grams. Like all shaftless (coin) motors, the nominal voltage rating is 3v, and there is a 2.3v start voltage that one must observe to ensure that the motor will start (i.e. not stall) in every orientation. When running at 3v, the motor produces a vibration frequency of 11,000 RPM (183 Hz), and an increased amplitude of 1.2g (11.72 m/s²) of vibration, under the Pico Haptic™ range inertial test load of 100 grams. Current draw is typically around 65mA and the motor efficiency is rated at 6.3 g/W - very high vs competitor motors. Like the rest of Precision’s Pico Haptic™ vibrator motors, audible noise is typically less than 40 dBA, and the motors have an operating temperature of -20°C to 65°C, which can be extended by request.

The motor comes as standard with AWG 32 flying leads, which can be modified in several ways upon request. The motor can be mounted in a recess in the product enclosure, or simply stuck to a flat surface / PCB via it's self adhesive pad. This is based on long-life 3M high-strength adhesive tape and has been proven in field to outlast the life of most products.

Precision’s Pico Haptic™ range of micro vibrator and pager motors is build around designer's requirements for vibrator motors that can be used in a variety of implementations. The range contains PCB mounted vibrator motors, leaded vibrator motors with customisable connection options and a variety of mounting and encapsulation options. Precision Microdrives back up this range, with a good deal of experience and free integration support. There is a lot of supporting documentation on the vibrator motor section of Precision Microdrives’ website, and for any further help, one can contact the engineering team direct.

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Precision Microdrives’ aim to fulfil a simple mission of getting agreed quality motors to their customers "on time and to spec." For more information, contact Precision Microdrives via email. Precision Microdrives also has the largest stock and the widest range of vibration motors commercially available, all ready for same day shipping.

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