Precision Microdrives Releases World’s Smallest 4mm Vibration Motor for Tablet PC Haptic Feedback

Precision Microdrives is proud to launch its smallest vibration motor yet - the 304-103. This motor is also the worlds smallest 4mm SMT vibration motor with dimensions of just Ø 4mm diameter by 3.5mm tall. The ultra low profile of this motor is ideal for haptic feedback functions in tablet PCs and tablet phones. - July 03, 2011

Precision Microdrives Launches World’s Strongest (Highest Vibration Output) 6mm Vibration Motor

World's strongest 6mm vibration motor for haptic feedback and vibration tactile feedback in handheld and touch-screen based devices. - June 29, 2011

Precision Microdrives Launches 25mm Enclosed Vibrating Motor for Mixing Powders and Liquids

Precision Microdrives introduces the 325-100 25mm enclosed vibration motor. This motor is the first in a line of enclosed vibration motors that are easier to integrate into applications because there are no external moving parts. - June 16, 2011

Precision Microdrives Launches 20mm Small Vibrating Motor for Battery Powered Massagers

Precision Microdrives has launched a small 20mm vibrating motor, with a flat sided case and lead terminal connectors, for use in adult toys, battery powered massagers, and medical products. The motor is wound to run on 3V, and tuned to run efficiently on two battery cells (either alkaline or Nickel... - May 21, 2011

Precision Microdrives’ Adds 6mm PCB Mounted Vibration Motor to Its Pico Haptic™ Range

Precision Microdrives has recently included a 6mm through-hole PCB mounted vibrating motor with multi-mounting points for extra secure mounting, within it's Pico Haptic™ range of miniature vibration motors. This motor offers traditional through-hole mounting method of integration with a small... - May 14, 2011

Precision Microdrives Revises Its 310-101 10mm Coin Vibrator Motor and Increases Vibration Output

The 310-101 is a real workhorse of haptic feedback in handheld applications and cell (mobile) phones. It is Precision’s most commonly sold vibrator motor due to it's compact size, easy self-adhesive mounting method, and enclosed (shaftless) design. Motor component suppliers are starting to... - April 23, 2011

Precision Microdrives Introduces 4mm Spring / Pad Surface Mounted Vibration Motor

Precision’s Pico Haptic™ range of PCB vibration motors, contains a type of PCB-mountable motor known as 'spring / pad' surface mounting vibration motors. They're not SMT / surface mount in the classic reflow sense, but nonetheless they offer a neat manufacturing method for adding a... - April 17, 2011

Precision Microdrives Adds Ultra-low Profile Coin Brushless Vibration Motor for Handheld Alerting

Precision Microdrives has recently added within its Precision Haptic™ range, an ultra low profile brushless coin vibration motor. The 310-109 coin brushless vibration motor, is Precision’s smallest coin motor in terms of volumetric space used, with dimensions of only Ø10mm diameter and 2mm high. - April 09, 2011

Precision Microdrives’ Micro 4mm Surface Mount Vibration Motor Reduces PCB Footprint for Vibration Feedback

Precision Microdrives has introduced a micro sized PCB mounted vibrating motor, based on a surface mount form factor. This SMD vibration motor can be reflow soldered, and comes on tape and reel for quick and efficient pick and place assembly. This addition to Precision’s range of Pico... - March 23, 2011

Precision Microdrives Releases Worlds Smallest Coin Vibration Motor at 8mm Diameter

Precision Microdrives recently introduced the worlds smallest form factor coin vibrator motors into its range of Pico Haptic™ miniature vibrating motors. This development reduces the footprint of the previous smallest coin motor, by 2mm. A small but important step in helping engineers... - March 14, 2011

Precision Microdrives Releases New Brushed DC 4mm Vibration Motor

This week Precision Microdrives released for sale a new brushed DC 4mm x 11mm vibrator motor (p/n 304-001), expanding its off-the-shelf vibration motor range to 32 products. - September 04, 2009

Supporting the Developments in Medical Devices

PMD announces a new high performance variant to the versatile 12mm DC motor range. The 112-200 unit is due to be available for general supply from mid-March and is being introduced as a result of growing interest in high quality DC motors for the Medical devices industry. - March 03, 2008

Precision Microdrives Introduces Higher Torque DC Gearmotors for Actuation and Automation Applications

High torque DC gearmotors from Precision Microdrives capable of delivering effective actuation of medium sized mechanisms opens up the capacity for its use outside miniature consumer devices to vending machines, industrial systems and automation applications. With an increasing range of projects... - January 18, 2008

Precision Microdrives Strengthens Supply of Miniature Vibration Motors

Miniature motor supplier specialist, Precision Microdrives announces expansion of the miniature vibration motors stock to meet demands of handheld devices development. - June 23, 2007

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