GDocsDrive - a Tool from Cloud Drive Team Which Makes Google Docs a Google Drive

A Desktop Client for Google Docs.

Los Angeles, CA, April 26, 2011 --( Cloud Drive Software team today announced the release of GDocsDrive Ver1.0, a desktop client product for Google Docs with a folder drag and drop uploading enhancement. With GDocsDrive, Google Docs users can backup thousands of files or folders with just a drag and drop.

Google Docs is a great place to store, organize, and share files online. It offers 1GB of free space for any type of file, and can be extended up to 16TB at a fairly cheap rate: $5 for 20GB per year. Undoubtedly, Google Docs is one of the best and most affordable cloud storage providers. "However, lack of folder uploading support really prevents Google Docs from becoming a Google Drive (GDrive). If a Google Docs user wants to backup a folder, he has to manually create all the subfolders and upload files to the corresponding subfolders one by one," said Jerry Wang, the founder of Cloud Drive Team.

GDocsDrive can greatly simplify the uploading/backup process by enabling drag and drop folder uploading. All that is needed is to drag the files/folders and drop them into the GDocsDrive window.

GDocsDrive is a very small and portable tool whose installation size is only 3MB, and it consumes very few system resources (about 5MB of memory) to run. GDocsDrive is based on Google Document List API 3.0.

Jerry Wang also gave the initiative of writing such a tool, “I have always wanted to find a cheap and reliable way to store my work files and photos of my daughter. My other friends also have similar requirements. As fans of Google, we made GDocsDrive to do that.”

He added, “Actually, I myself made a free cloud storage tool, called Cloud Drive, based on Acrobat’s storage service about two years ago. It still has thousands of users. It also won 'The best free software of 2010' award from PC Magazine. At that time, Google Docs didn’t allow uploading files other than office formats, so I chose Acrobat’s online storage service. Now, Google offers a much better and more stable storage service, so we gave up working on Acrobat's platform and turned to Google storage service."

GDocsDrive is a $19 USD shareware with a 14-day free evaluation. It is available from the GDocsDrive web site:

System Requirement: Any computer running Window XP or later OS.

Folder uploading support – backup your data easily
Support any file formats
Manipulate Google Docs on your desktop
Share files just the way you want to
Convert files to other formats
SSL encrypted communication – 100% secure
Access your data from anywhere

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Cloud Drive Software Team is a programming group from China, founded in 2010. It focuses on creating desktop, web and mobile applications based on Google technologies, such as Google APIs, Android, Google Chrome, and App Engine.

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