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At a time when the Internet is changing at a blinding pace, young Canadian entrepreneur rewrites the rules for online marketing.

Toronto, Canada, April 23, 2011 --( Jonathan Regidor is determined to change the Internet Marketing industry for the better. Focusing on customer service and an intimacy that has long been lacking, Regidor has launched his newest endeavor to help bridge that gap.

Regidor Marketing at offers expert SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web design, print media, and public relations. Regidor also develops applications for mobile phones, including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android.

But underpinning it all is Regidor's insistence that clients be treated with respect and a real effort to understand their problems and needs. "Service is number one. We start by providing a no-cost proposal to each prospective customer. We get a good understanding of the challenges the customer faces and offer some solid solutions right from the beginning," Regidor said.

Quality customer service, follow through and a focus on results has often been lacking in the SEO industry. With the rapid rise and increasing importance of search engine marketing, SEO workers frequently took customers for granted. Regidor insists an intimacy with the customer's business and goals is just as important as understanding the latest Google updates.

"We first work with a new client to find out what kind of business they have, what their audience is, and how to best reach that audience. We focus on getting them a highly improved return on investment. I can assure you that's what makes customer happy and keeps them coming back to Regidor Marketing for more," Regidor said.

Jonathan Regidor's long experience and deep understanding of the Internet Marketing industry belies his youthful age. Regidor started out as a youngster determined to work in his own Internet Marketing businesses. A series of successful ventures taught him SEO, professional web design, traditional media marketing, and managing teams of designers and developers.

"With, we're bringing together all aspects of Internet Marketing to create a modern full-service consultancy with an accent on customer service. We have a tremendous amount of talent here in Toronto and available virtually from around the world," Regidor said.

Typically Regidor Marketing proposes for clients a multifaceted approach that brings together a more effective web design with SEO to attract greater numbers of new customers. The effort can be reinforced with print media and public relations to get the client in front of thousands to millions of prospects through traditional media.

"Additionally we offer development of cell phone apps. A successful app can bring your company into close contact with huge numbers of enthusiastic users. That can give a firm a quantum leap in visibility and sales," Regidor said.

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