The New Garmin GTN 650 and Garmin GTN 675 from Gulf Coast Avionics

The new GTN 650 and GTN 750 are the newest in avionics GPS units. They allow for pilots to have complete control and situational awareness.

Lakeland, FL, April 25, 2011 --( The new Garmin GTN 650 and GTN 750 from Pacific Coast Avionics is the newest and latest GPS unit for airplanes and pilots that want the best in avionic GPS. The new Garmin GTN 650 and Garmin GTN 750 feature a never before touchscreen interface that allows for the pilot to have quick and easy access to all the capabilities of the GPS unit. With this new GTN 650 / GTN 750 GPS unit the pilot will have the best situational awareness possible. With its ease of use the new GTN 650 / GTN 750 allows the pilot to be only two taps away from all the features of the GTN 650 / GTN 750.

With a huge display and a bright screen the touchscreen on the GTN 650 / GTN 750 is easily modified or changed. Waypoint data is quickly entered via alphanumeric entry but it still sports the traditional concentric knobs that many pilots have been familiar with for so long. With just the drag of a finger the flight path can be easily changed and altered to a new route. With bad weather conditions always possible the Garmin GTN 650 and Garmin GTN 750 avionics GPS unit generates five position updates in a single second which allows you to cruise down to approaches that are at even at incredibly low levels. As low at 200 feet is where the GTN 650 / GTN 750 works its avionics magic.

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