Local Atlanta Personal Bankruptcy Law Firm Connecting with Clients Through Social Media

College Park, GA, April 27, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Social media is definitely one of the most effective ways to connect to people, not only for young people and celebrities but now to a wide array of professionals, companies and executives. And within this new broad range of social media users are the legal practitioners – a local Atlanta personal bankruptcy law firm, The Law Office of K. A. Foreman, now connects with clients through social media.

The Law Office of K. A. Foreman is a local Atlanta law firm that handles a variety of legal services including personal bankruptcy, personal injury, business and consulting. They provide assistance to hundreds of people with regards to their legal needs. Over the years, the firm has built a solid reputation for providing professional and personalized services. In order to improve their services and enhance their working relationships with their clients, they now connect with their clients through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a blog.

Social Media is the use of various social platforms to create an interactive environment to connect businesses with people. For legal practitioners, this type of social media allows clients to know more about a firm’s expertise. And because it provides an interactive place, clients are allowed to post their comments and ask questions. Moreover, the social media can be referenced, shared or distributed to others.

“I feel it’s important to stay connected with people and learn more about them and their needs when it comes to a legal reference. Social Media allows me to accomplish this with ease,” says the owner K.A. Foreman with regards to why his firm has decided to utilize social media.

Developing relationships, with clients in particular, is one of the most important factors in any practice and business. As a powerful marketing tool, it highlights knowledge and experience. The Law Office of K. A. Foreman makes their social media informative and thought-provoking, touching the practice areas like Business Law and Consulting, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense, and Personal Injury. It also provides updates on developments that affect their clients and is more useful than ever with America’s current economical state.

About The Law Office of K. A. Foreman
The Law Office of K.A. Foreman handles a variety of legal services that includes Bankruptcy, Business Law and Consulting and Personal Injury. Mr. Foreman and his professional staff are client-focused and results-oriented.

Over the years, Mr. Foreman has helped hundreds of people meet their legal needs. The firm has built a solid reputation for providing professional and personalized service. With each of his clients, he takes a close look at their circumstances and advises them on the best course of action to help them resolve their legal issues.

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