Off Site Backup, Where Does It Go?

St Augustine, GA, March 14, 2007 --( If you are thinking about Off Site Backups, it’s probably a good idea to compare more than price. Look at what you are really buying and why. You want to get your data off site to a secure location. But where does it go? The viability of your data is in direct correlation to the survivability of infrastructure.

Off Site Backup from Coolcat Inc is operating with one hundred percent file restoration. No client ever has had an unrecoverable file. Coolcat Inc provides discounts for Businesses and residents who qualify in the coastal areas of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.

With native support for SQL and Exchange data bases the Off Site Backup client from Coolcat Inc can backup them up hot and live! Microsoft Exchange -Backs up and restores Exchange Server granularly at the folder level, while Exchange is running. There's no need to shut down the Exchange server for either backups or restores. This is a standard feature at no additional charge. SQL Server -Backs up and restores SQL Server databases while they are in use, No need to shut down the SQL Server.

Providing survivability of infrastructure ensures that Off Site Backup service from Coolcat Inc ensure the integrity of data. Coolcat Inc operates out of the Advanced Information Technology Center ( The Data Center, a world-class facility, is utilized by some of the largest companies in the eastern United States to keep their business systems operating continuously. When you subscribe to Off Site Backup from Coolcat Inc, you know your data is secure, encrypted, and off site in a hardened facility with over 15 years of uninterrupted facility uptime.

Coolcat Inc will install the client and run the service free for a ten day trial period. The application uses compression on the client side. Since compression affects every file different a ten day trial period allows for an accurate base line of on storage. The service can be utilized continuously, on demand or on a preset schedule. File restore are accomplished through an easy to navigate windows explorer interface. No tapes. The client data is replicated geographically to eliminate single points of failure.

The data recovery is simple to use; "point & click" from the client console, allowing you to restore data on-demand from any day in your retention period. The Off Site Backup Service from Coolcat Inc has never had an unrecoverable file. Unlike tape backups, Coolcat Inc has never had an unrecoverable file, ever! Managed Backup services perform like you own dedicated back up team! For more information call 646.706.7001 or 904.687.1245.

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