Ukrainian Trading Guild Issues the Annual Commercial and Residential Real Estate Ukrainian Market Review - 2006

Kiev, Ukraine, March 04, 2007 --( Ukrainian Trading Guild consulting company issues the annual commercial and residential real estate Ukrainian market review.

The Review is based on more than 100 research results lead by Ukrainian Trading Guild experts in most of Ukrainian regions, and, besides, annual interrogations of market participants, among them are experts, retail operators, potential commercial real estate tenants and residential real estate and cottage buyers.

According to experts’ summary, Ukrainian real estate market is in a stage of brisk growth. The domestic and foreign investors’ concernment in real estate market development was noticeably increased. Number of commercial real estate buyers was greatly grown during 2006 and the real estate objects both Kiev and Ukrainian regional centers value essentially grew too. Ukrainian Trading Guild experts call 2006 the year of the cottage real estate.

In addition the review edition contains the forecast of commercial and residential real estate market development for 2007.

Professional consulting companies role intensification, permanent real estate prices rising, new projects construction, Ukrainian and outstanding foreign operators and developers market entry and their activity growth, commercial real estate objects cost increase are the basic tendencies of Ukrainian real estate market development in 2007.

The annual commercial and residential real estate market review avails for investors, market experts, consulting companies, real estate market operators and developers.

The term of the edition appearance is March, 7th, 2007.

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