Engeye Teen Connection (ETC) Launches New Education Initiative Bucks for Books

Greg Hickey Joins ETC Board of Directors

Albany, NY, April 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Engeye Teen Connection (ETC) is made up of committed teenagers who want to make a difference in the lives of children in rural Uganda. ETC is proud to announce that Greg Hickey will be joining the Board of Directors and will be assisting with the new education program, ETC Bucks for Books. Greg, a sophomore at Shaker High School, will join his brother Brian Hickey, Sara Weinman and Adriana King on the ETC BOD. Together, these teens and their advisors are working to help raise awareness and advocate for the villagers of Ddegeya, many of whom live on just a dollar a day.

ETC Bucks for Books campaign was recently launched by the Board of ETC in an effort to provide basic textbooks and school supplies for schools in rural Uganda. The program was inspired by 16 year old Sara Weinman’s recent visit to Ddegeya village. Sara was able to witness firsthand the desperate need at the local schools near the Engeye Health Clinic. The teachers at these schools are trying to educate their students without textbooks and the most basic school supplies. ETC believes that Education provides promise and hope for the children and the families of the village. To respond to this need, ETC board members Sara Weinman, Brian Hickey and Greg Hickey have launched a fundraising effort to provide textbooks for the students at these rural schools. 100% of the donations received will go toward the purchase of textbooks and school supplies for these students.

Brian Hickey, 17, will be traveling to Uganda this summer to deliver the textbooks and school supplies to the needy schools. Donors will be able to see pictures of the delivery of the books and supplies on the Bucks for Books website. New board member, Greg Hickey, is also planning on traveling to Uganda in 2012 to deliver additional textbooks.

Donors are asked to visit http://www.etcbucksforbooks.org/ to find out how they can support this valuable program. ETC hopes teens from across the United States will work together to help them meet their campaign goal. Schools, churches, synagogues, youth groups, and families can work together to provide the tools necessary to offer hope to the many children of Ddegeya who go without the promise of an education. All donations can make a difference. While a $25 donation can purchase 2 textbooks and supplies, a donation of $500 can sponsor an entire classroom.

ETC is a proud partner of Engeye Scholars http://engeyescholars.org/ and Engeye Health Clinic http://engeye.org/

About the Engeye Health Clinic and Engeye Scholars
Engeye, a U.S. and Ugandan NGO based in Uganda, was created in 2006 by a dedicated group of medical students to address the disparity in basic health, education and environmental needs of rural Ugandan villagers. Since its inception, the Engeye team has grown to include lawyers, architects, physicians, public health enthusiasts, engineers and more. The Engeye Health Clinic provides care for a region in Uganda that is voiceless, despite its substantial need, and that otherwise would not have access to healthcare. Dr. Stephanie Van Dyke, Dr. Carlos Elguero, Stephen Po-Chedley, Misty Richards, James Walker and Keith DesRochers make up the Board of Directors. The Engeye Scholars program was born to assist the schools in Ddegeya Village. Education is highly valued in Uganda and many experts believe education is the key to raising poor countries out of poverty. Through scholarships, the children of Ddegeya Village have the opportunity to attend boarding school, which delays child bearing, empowers women and provides newfound hope for a child to fulfill his or her dreams. Elaine Pers Hickey and Theresa Weinman are Co-Directors of the program.

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