Magi Studios Partners with Herbal Health Solutions Webmaster Life

Victoria, Canada, March 05, 2007 --( Magi Studios ( has taken steps to aide in the promotion of Herbal Niche Company Health Solutions LLC; proprietor of SizePro, SizePro System, HoodiaRush and Thermazan, all which has been combined into one easy webmaster program.

Health Solutions has been providing quality Herbal Niche products for over ten years.  Their extensive experience with online marketing has always provided excellent support to their affiliate partners.  Weekly payout is available via check, wire transfer, Epassporte or PayPal.  They even absorb all chargebacks and refunds.

“We put our affiliates first. With weekly payouts, support forums, a robust stats system, and medically endorsed products that have universal and global appeal, you’ll maximize your dollar when promoting our products.”
- Joshua Andrews
Partner Coordinator

Webmaster Life provides the opportunity to enhance your income with some of the following products:

SizePro is a top selling male enhancement pill. Its doctor endorsed, has a money back guarantee and conversions are excellent.
Commission Range: $50-$120 per sale

SizePro System is a Penile Extender Device that combines the power of SizePro Tablets and the SizePro Extender to create the most complete male enhancement system available.
Commission Range: $135-$185 per sale

HoodiaRush is a natural appetite suppressant made with Hoodia Gordonii which has been called the next revolution in weight loss.  The positive effect of Hoodia Gordonii has been extensively researched and has had a plethora of press including CBS and Oprah Winfrey.
Commission Range: $23 - $90 per sale

ThermaZan is the ultimate weight loss and appetite suppressant pill.  Clinically proven ingredients and endorsed by Nutritionists.
Commission Range: $27 - $90 per sale

Climinax is the exciting new product that helps men end premature ejaculation.  Premature ejaculation is the #1 complaint of young men.  Take advantage of this untapped market that’s ready to take off.
Commission Range: $30 - $100 per sale

Webmaster Life currently has an exciting $500 Partner Bonus where you refer a webmaster to and if they send 10 sales within their first 60 days if becoming a partner, a $500 cash bonus is given.

Free time can be scheduled with the design team at WebmasterLife who will create anything you want from complete websites to custom programming (php) solutions.

For more info on how Webmaster Life can make you more money, visit the official website

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