Looking for Trusted Tradespeople? Let's Swap Notes

It’s the first thing you ask yourself when looking for a Plumber; "Do any of my friends know of anyone?"

London, United Kingdom, March 05, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Launched only 2 months ago, DeepsList.com is slowly becoming a necessity for new homeowners and local people keen to swap notes on great customer service.

Deep started his list in order to have a valuable resource of genuine, honest, hardworking trades people he could trust and share with his friends.

For so many people, looking for a service provider is a game of hit or miss, whether they are opening the phone book or searching the Internet. DeepsList.com aims to take a lot of the guesswork out of the decision making process and puts genuine and local information within everyone’s reach for free.

All trades people found on DeepsList.com are based solely on individual reviews submitted by real, local people. Businesses aren’t allowed to put themselves on the list. Its completely user generated and all free to access.

Word of mouth lists like these are a great way to promote good businesses too. It’s really a win win situation for everyone.

Deep says, "I'm here to celebrate the genuine, honest hard workers out there."

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