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The Latest in Advanced Mobile Online Police Reporting Has a New Friend – The Elkan Group

BobCOP, the latest in online citizen’s police reporting system that uses internet and communication technology, has secured Six Million Dollars in grant funding, specifically earmarked to help cities and law enforcement agencies sign up

Stateline, NV, March 05, 2007 --(PR.com)-- It’s every Police Chief’s worst nightmare: a police department that is under staffed and under budget. And until recently, cities had no real funding for advancing technology with their citizens. Then the BobCOP system was introduced, giving cities, municipalities, and ordinary citizens a vital communication tool to be used for reporting non-suspect crimes and tips with complaints and much more by using the Internet. And now, to assist cities and law enforcement agencies in signing up, BobCOP has secured over six million dollars in grant money specifically earmarked to allow cities to initially sign up and take advantage of the Mobile Ready System.

Samuel Anderson, CEO and Managing Partner of Tekbrokers VENTURES, LLC, is very optimistic that the money will help bring cities aboard: “What this does is it allows us to offer the BobCOP Mobile Ready system to any sized city or municipality and get them to sign up. Typically, when a city or town is asked to pay for anything, there are meetings, requests, and forms for even the smallest dollar amount. This grant money allows cities to bypass that and just sign up with no strings attached.”

The funding was received from The Elkan Group LLC, a private capital group specializing in worthy social causes and ideas. The grant funding is specifically for cities and law enforcement agencies that choose to become a part of the BobCOP Mobile Ready System.

Police Departments have been very interested in being able to advance their agency into the 21st Century through mobile technology, as it can be used to assist in providing an advanced system for those without a PC and standard internet connection. This wasn’t lost on Joel Lieberman, a principle partner of The Elkan Group: “The Elkan Group is investing private funding into our police agencies and cities in order for them to take advantage of the future by being Mobile Ready. They are the front lines of our nation’s security, including being the first responders; they should have the opportunity to be a part of 21st century technology for the millions of users who rely solely on their mobile device for communications.”

For Anderson, BobCOP represents both years of passionate work, and several hundred thousand dollars of his own money. But he feels that his efforts are paying off. He is also calling on any agencies that can assist by spreading the word about the Mobile Ready BobCOP system, as that’s the next step he’d like to take: “Our nation’s preparedness and the support of our emergency responders in protecting our communities, and providing a way for everyone, must be a shared effort.” 

That’s not all Samuel Anderson is providing. He is also providing the means to supply internet service to those departments and organizations that don’t have the means to purchase expensive web hosting: “We intend to go the extra mile and make this become a reality. It’s about time we started using technology to advance all agencies no matter what their size or geographical location by bringing them out of the dinosaur age. Nothing needs to be kept outdated any longer, let’s move forward.”

About Samuel Anderson and BobCOP
Samuel Anderson is the Managing Partner of Tekbrokers VENTURES, LLC, which develops cutting edge products (SignRX, ComAlert, The Child ID Kit, EmployACT, and Safe Surrender Site) and puts patient, intelligent and experienced capital to work. BobCOP is a result of a marriage of vision and technology. To learn more, visit the BobCOP website at www.bobcop.com

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