New Kamweld Plastics Welders Provide Portability and High Performance

Kamweld Technologies now provides heavy duty plastics welders for fast, convenient welding of thermoplastics outside the well-equipped fabrication shop. The new welders feature built-in air compressors for easy set-up and use on location, both inside and outdoors.

Norwood, MA, April 29, 2011 --( The new 47RW series of plastics welders from Kamweld Technologies combines portable convenience and powerful performance for fabricating thermoplastics outside the shop. The heavy duty 47RW welding guns are built for the hard use of continuous travel and varying applications. They provide the performance and reliability essential to field technicians. Designed for use where shop air is not available, the 47RW welders include integral air compressors with power that helps achieve welding speeds of up to five feet of plastic welding rod per minute. The high speed welding capability saves time and expense on off-site projects, particularly at production volumes where finished costs must be minimized.

The 47RW welders are shipped with the proven KR hand tip for back welding plastic pipe and many other applications. Kamweld offers a wide variety of plastic rods and replacement parts. These welders can be used on a wide range of thermoplastic types, including PVC, polypropylene, high density polypropylene, acrylics, polycarbonates and polystyrenes.

“When you’re in a customer’s facility or outdoors or anywhere outside your own location, and you’re working without shop air, you want the most capable welding gun you can get. But it needs to be easy to use and won’t let you down. That’s exactly what the 47RW welders were designed for,” says Len Alter, Kamweld Product Manager. “We go to a lot of off-site projects where you need to weld different thermoplastic parts. You want to do these jobs professionally and fast, and then move on. These welders are a tool that lets you do all that. They’re Kamweld tough and Kamweld reliable.”

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Len Alter