"World’s Greenest Bachelor" Joins Documentary Film Project That Could Spark Green-Economy Movement in Rural America

Portland green consultant lends sustainability expertise (and bachelor status) to a film documenting how a rural Washington town is transforming its economic engine one canola plant at a time.

Portland, OR, April 29, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Portland bachelor and green consultant Kevin Pile may think twice about offering to do “whatever it takes” when it comes to sharing his convictions about sustainability for the upcoming documentary film, Green Light: The Sustainable Oroville Project. The Founder of Ecotrain, which publishes the annual Ecotrain Green Career Guide Almanac, was persuaded to become the “World’s Greenest Bachelor” in an effort to create awareness about a sustainable movement in his home town of Oroville, WA.

“I engaged in this project because my ideals are directly in line with Sustainable Oroville,” says Pile about the civic initiative that has attracted a canola-rushing plant and green guesthouse project to this community of 1,750 just east of the Cascades and a stone’s throw from the Canada border. “I’m all for getting the message out to the largest audience possible and sparking a movement in the process, but didn’t think I’d become such a big part of the story!”

In fact, Pile didn’t know about Sustainable Oroville until a family friend told him there was “new blood in town” with a vision he might be interested in. Intrigued by his home town’s newfound desire to practice what he preaches, Pile reached out to those involved and became instantly enamored. The idea of documenting his and Oroville’s separate journeys to sustainability – and then share that positive story with the world – created an opportunity for him to come full circle.

“I love Oroville, but there was no opportunity back then,” says the ’97 graduate of nearby Tonasket High School, who skipped college in favor of global travel and working in the cruise industry for 12 years. “I was exposed to a world view that served me well as a sustainability advocate.” Pile’s interest in sustainability began in high school, intensified during his global travels and eventually became his life’s purpose. He has been involved in numerous green projects in the past 17 years – including eco tourism, permaculture garden design, renewable energy, green and natural building, and green business consulting.

“I’ve always wanted to go back to Oroville -- but not before I had something to give,” says Pile, who founded EcoTrain in 2009. “I know I can relate to a workforce that is looking for hope, opportunity and help during these difficult times. It’s amazing that my life purpose has intersected perfectly with Sustainable Oroville’s mission.”

The film will document Pile’s voyage home, as well as illustrate how grassroots efforts can manifest change that are good for the economy and the planet. Filming will culminate with Pile escorting a “date” to the inaugural Sustainable Oroville Festival on Labor Day weekend 2011. The highlight of the festival will be a performance by Pile’s good friend and fellow Portland “greenie” Keegan Smith and his band The Fam. Smith has also agreed to score the film’s soundtrack.

The project is currently seeking additional funding through a crowd-funding effort at www.greenlightmovie.com, where one of the perks includes a “date” with the “World’s Greenest Bachelor.” The perk, along with a slew of others, is available for $50,000, a donation the film’s director is confident will be secured. “This is a chance for someone to be part of a positive film with a positive message and spend a few days in Oroville with Kevin,” says Jon Sumple who is partnering with Pile to capture the journey on film. “Besides, one look at him and you can’t help but think we should have asked for a larger donation for the date.”

About Ecotrain
Ecotrain is a Portland-based publication and consultancy company providing informational services to various green workforce initiatives. These initiatives address social and environmental crisis while putting people back to work. Ecotrain Media Group empowers entrepreneurs, educators and individuals to get ahead in the new energy economy. Ecotrain Media Group publishes an annual Ecotrain Green Career Guide Almanac that has been distributed to over 22 states, and its work has been recognized by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Van Jones, the Green Living Journal, numerous college and university career centers, the Solar Living Institute, and Eco Apprentice. Located in Portland, Kevin Pile is the Entrepreneur in Residence at SOUK, Portland Ten Alumni and an advisor to Sustainable Oroville.

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