Squeeze Page Matters Finally Released for Home Business Users

Squeeze page matters is finally released to the home business sales community. This knowledge based tool has finally been brought to the marketing community by Digital Power Store. They are proud of the updated information that is now available to the entrepreneur who needs to increase their sales efforts through building and capturing sales lists.

San Francisco, CA, April 30, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The grand roll out of squeeze page matters.com is the newest informational brain child of Digital Power Store. Digital Power Store which has been around the internet for nearly a year has just launched this new website with the home business market in mind. The focus of this new knowledge based product is for garnering techniques in the proper building of squeeze pages and splash pages used in the art of internet marketing.

The importance of using modern, up to date squeeze page building techniques, allows a home based business to flourish. Home base businesses are struggling breeds, for they are usually owned and operated by a single person. This solo style of production makes it very hard and time consuming to find enough time to attract the right quality of traffic and customers to their websites. Not enough traffic to a website causes the business to falter and fail.

Digital Power Store which specializes in quality downloadable information is proud of this new release. They believe that all marketers are in need of an informational product such as this. The detail in the description that is explained from the Squeeze Page Matters.com website is tremendous.

When the home based entrepreneur is given the right tools such as the ability to build customer capturing squeeze pages they are given the tools to thrive. This puts more capital in their pockets and boosts the fragile economy of their individual community.

The reason for this effort and specialized detail is to boost the abilities and accuracy of the home business entrepreneur. Working in this amazingly competitive market is extremely frustrating with a very high failure rate. Mimi Keller, the co-owner of Digital Power Store, says “home business entrepreneur need all the help they can get. They deserve the most up to date information and tools that they can get their hands on.”

In the research of pricing of squeeze page making and capture page building informational programs, good tools for the home based business can range from very inexpensive into the range of thousands of dollars. This pricing discrepancy puts a real burden on the small home business owner. Who after all finds themselves on a very tight budget with limited means?

http://squeezepagematters.com is now added to that mix of providing the tools based on knowledge. Learning and education are always in the forefront of those home based entrepreneurs that prosper and thrive.

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Released by Brad and Mimi Keller at Digital Power Store, a resource for knowledge based downloads that provide a wide variety of material for most marketing niches. Squeeze Page Matters, found at http://squeezepagematters.com.