Trueself Launches Branded Online Entertainment Division for the High Fashion and Lifestyle Industry

TRUESELF Branded Online Entertainment creates and produces story driven, aspirational online series which communicate the brand DNA of high fashion and lifestyle brands through an overall story concept, from characters to direction, sound and styling. An online branded series substantially contributes to a luxurious online atmosphere, page personalization and a high-impact E-Retail experience, as it also acts as a call to action for online purchasing.

Los Angeles, CA, May 02, 2011 --( Trueself understands that luxury is neither a product, an object, a service nor is it a concept or a lifestyle. It is an identity, a philosophy and a culture, based on sharing a story of creativity, craftsmanship and heritage. A story which contributes to a feeling of exclusivity, prestige and a sense of high status.

As communicating with the online luxury consumer is no longer about attracting attention, but capturing and retaining interest through rich content presented in a format that encourages exchanges and interaction, an online audio visual story is a key way to make luxury speak to the affluent consumer on more intimate and emotional terms. To educate, build trust and encourage online purchasing while strengthening its exclusive image.

Priscilla Obermeier, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Producer: “I have always been intrigued by the art of haute couture and the dialogue between body and tailor. As a fashion journalist I researched and covered the history of luxury fashion houses, such as Balenciaga and Gucci. Soon after, I was asked to use my story telling abilities to position and communicate the identity of a selection of beautiful fashion brands. With TRUESELF I translate a brand into a visual storyline and identifiable characters, to establish an emotional connection between a target consumer and a brand, and drive purchase decisions.”

Marketing of TRUESELF Branded content focuses on driving the affluent target consumer to the online series and a brand’s E-boutique, rather than broadcasting on mass platforms and mass portals which establishes limited reach and “drowns” luxury content in the overall content offer. All online marketing and communications are integrated with offline messages and offline tailor made events.

Markus Obermeier, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Producer: “As a former Fashion Executive I understand the importance of a retail location fitting to a brand message, products and pricing. Branded Online Entertainment can assist in creating a recognizable and prestigious online location. The challenge of selling luxury goods online is also enormous due to the sensory nature of luxury. An episodic online show is a wonderful marketing, - communication and community tool to capture not only sensory appeal, but also interactivity, engagement, dialogue, collaboration and sharing.”

TRUESELF creates content for an online audience and enables luxury consumers to watch a branded episode, immediately purchase products used in an episode in a brand’s own E-boutique, share thoughts on a central character’s latest outfit with other consumers, and write about episodes on social media platforms.


TRUESELF offers custom online and offline business and creative solutions to the fashion and lifestyle industry through its business divisions Brand Strategy & Advisory and Branded Online Entertainment. TRUESELF is driven by originality, creativity, aesthetic appreciation and value and focuses on fashion, leather goods, accessories, jewelry & watches, beauty & fragrance, mobile phones, wines & spirits, fine food & gastronomy, home fashion, automotive, the arts, hotels & spas, media and retail. TRUESELF is founded and owned by actor and former fashion executive Markus Obermeier and former fashion journalist and branding, communications and PR strategist Priscilla Obermeier. TRUESELF works together with a selection of independent Hollywood filmmakers.
Priscilla Obermeier