Patented Pickup Truck Accessory Available to Online Marketers and Retailers

Water filled accessory safely and cleanly adds traction to trucks, SUVs and cars for safer winter driving. Patented product now available through affiliate marketing channel.

Columbus, OH, March 06, 2007 --( Following the successful launch of its initial affiliate program, the manufacturer of ShurTrax ( is now offering affiliates a chance to earn even more.

“ShurTrax adds up to 400 pounds of a weight—and traction—to your vehicle,” said Marty Carty, President of SealPak Innovations, manufacturer of ShurTrax. Carty explained that he invented the ShurTrax product after watching pickup truck drivers load their beds with wood, sand and dangerous concrete blocks each winter.

“Everything I saw people doing to keep their trucks on the road in snow and ice was messy, ineffective or dangerous,” Carty explained. “That’s when I came up with the idea of ShurTrax.”

Carty explained that ShurTrax is a heavy duty product that lies in a truck bed and is filled with water. ShurTrax does not shift and is safer and more effective than other means of adding weight to trucks. He explained that ShurTrax also folds up for easy storage when not in use, or can remain in a truck bed year round.

“You can stack cargo on ShurTrax. You can leave it in year round. Our users tell us that having ShurTrax in their truck provides a smoother ride year-round, especially with high horse power trucks,” Carty explained.

Carty said that ShurTrax is also available for cars and SUVs. “We have a product to fit almost any vehicle.”

Following a series of storms that blanketed much of Carty’s native Ohio, he decided to offer ShurTrax through online affiliates.

“We had a lot of interest from online retailers, but they were looking at ways of earning more,” Carty explained. Based on feedback from affiliates, Carty decided the company would pay 20% commission to affiliates for the sales they generate. “There are a lot of great truck and automotive web sites out there; this should be a great new revenue stream for them.”

Carty said the program is especially attractive to affiliates who can reach law enforcement agencies, public utility companies and commercial fleets. “Any organization that has a lot of pickup trucks will find that ShurTrax helps provide a safer, more comfortable ride year round,” he explained.

“ShurTrax is available from a lot of large brick and mortar retailers, but many truck and car enthusiast prefer to buy online from sites they visit often. Under this program websites related to trucks, cars, rural living, tools, safety or gadgets can offer the ShurTrax product at no risk,” Carty said.

“Affiliates can simply sign up on our affiliate web site at LinkConnector to get started,” Carty explained. There is no charge to become a ShurTrax affiliate.

About ShurTrax

From spring rains to winter snow, ShurTrax all weather traction products provide you with improved handling and control year round. You can add up to 400 lbs. of additional weight to your vehicle ensuring a safer and smoother ride for all road conditions. Their no hassle traction weight products come with a nozzle that attaches to your garden hose allowing you to fill it with water after you have placed it in the back of your vehicle. You can continue your daily activities including hauling items in your truck bed or car trunk since your ShurTrax can withstand up to 500 lbs. of weight.

Bill Balderaz